Bundle:KLARUS XT11S CREE XP-L HI V3 LED 1100 Lumens Waterproof LED Led flashlight Powered By 2 x CR123A / 1 x 18650 Batteries Outdoor Tactical Led flashlight / Flashlight With 2600mAh Battery + Thenines USB Light & bag

Features: • Brand new ergonomic design allows easy operation with just one hand • Brand new switch design with an enlarged and recessed main switch making it easy to find and hard t   View our comprehensive list of Klarus flashlights and torches or visit the flashlights shop for amazing deals on torches

Klarus XT11GT Torches Is Klarus XT11S Flashlight Upgraded Version CREE XPH35 HD E4 LED 2000 Lumens Tactical Rechargeable Led flashlight With 18650 Battery+Thenines USB Light

Klarus XT11GT

Klarus XT11GT led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] is a lot stronger compared to the XT11 but slightly less lumens than the G30. It comes with a rechargeable micro USB and outfitted with a brand new side button along with the two famous rear buttonsEquipped with a LED CREE XHP35 HD E4 it generates a power of 2000 … Read more

Klarus XT12GT Magnetic-Charging Extended Reach Tactical Led flashlight 603m CREE LED XHP35 HI D4 1600 lumens Flashlight with 3600mah Rechargebale Battery and Thenines USB Light (XT12GT)

klarus xt12gt

Tactical Led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] Klarus XT12GT maximum strength of 1600 Lumens, is ideally rechargeable without taking out the battery with a USB cable using magnetic connector, aggressive tactical bezel, and strategic button easy to use even when wearing gloves. The XT12GT offers an impressive range for a led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] of the size, 603 meters … Read more

Klarus G20 CREE Next Gen. XHP70 N4 LED 3000 Lumens Rechargeable Led flashlight Dual-Switch Mini Search Light With Rechargeable 5000mAh 26650 Li-ion Battery+Thenines USB Light

The Klarus G20 lamp is the second version of this newest in this template after the G30, it’s powered by a 26650 battery and contains the newest LED CREE XHP70 N4 enabling a power of 3000 Lumens for 45min. The led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] comes with 2 buttons which enable each to turn off and on … Read more

Klarus XT2CR Tactical Torches 1,600 Lumens Ultra Bright Flashlight Lamp CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED USB Rechargeable Waterproof Led flashlight for Outdoor Sports, Home Use, Search and Rescue, with 3600mAh 18650 Battery+USB Cable+TheNines USB Lights

Klarus XT2CR

New Klarus XT2CR led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] in 1600Lumens with a LED CREE XHP35 HD E4 evolution of the famous XT2C. A strong tactical light, always at hand, rechargeable directly with the help of its built-in micro USB port. The Klarus XT series flashlights don’t joke decoration tools, they’ve been developed in your mind with use. … Read more

Klarus Men’s P2A Pro Edc Aa Battery Led flashlight with Xp-g R5 LED and 245 Lumens, Black

Klarus P2A Led Flash Light 245 Lumen This Klarus Professional is a high power LED led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip], which has been specifically designed for professional work and outdoor leisure. Built to Military specific   View our comprehensive list of Klarus flashlights and torches or visit the flashlights shop for amazing deals on torches[tooltip type=”box” html=”Input Your … Read more

Klarus XT30R LED 1800 Lm Tactical Led flashlight Torches

Klarus XT30R

The Klarus XT30R [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip]  is equipped with a CREE XHP35 Hi D4 led and a parabolic reflector for an optimisation of the range, the light beam generated by the [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] is homogeneous and deep, the range reaches 820 meters.  This led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] has 4 lighting modes, strobe mode, SOS and a maximum light output of … Read more

Klarus XT12S Tactical Torches 1600 Lumens Ultra Bright Powerful Led flashlight CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED USB Magnetic Suction Rechargeable Flashlight Lamp for Outdoor Sports, Search and Rescue etc, with 3600mAh 18650 Battery+USB Magnetic Charging Cable+USB Lights

Klarus XT12S

This rechargeable tactical led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] – Klarus XT12S is not just more powerful and more compact compared to XT11 or the XT1C but also comes with a rechargeable USB using its magnetic connector. It also comes equipped with two back buttons invented by Klarus. Equipped with a LED CREE XHP35, the Klarus XT12S provides a … Read more