Klarus Extended Strike Bezel for XT11 And RS11 Flashlights, Silver

The Klarus Strike Bezel transforms either the RS11 or the XT11 to a severe strategic led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] comprising 17mm of stainless steel into the front. This prolonged aggressive bezel is ideal for self-defence scenarios or breaking through glass. The elongated bezel is machined from stainless steel and has a smooth finish for excellent handling. … Read more

Klarus XT1C 700LM CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED Led flashlight Outdoor Mini Compact Tactical Led flashlight with 16340 USB Charging Battery Holster Lanyard USB Charging Cable

The Klarus XT1C is a tiny, powerful tactical light, always at your fingertips. The newest Klarus XT Series flashlights don’t joke, higher precision illumination tools, they’ve been developed in considering self-defence and strategic usage. Section of the XT (Extreme Tactical) scope, which already contains the popular lamp, is currently home to the brand new XT1C, … Read more

Klarus Mi7 Ti Mini-Might Illumination AA Led flashlight CREE LED Torches 700 LM EDC

klarus Mi7

Klarus Mi7 Ti Titanium Klarus Mi7 Ti Titanium AA EDC led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] high bright, compact, lightweight, rugged,corrosion proof, heat resistant Specifications • CREE XP-L HI V3 LED; 50,000 hours life • Volt Product name: Klarus Mi7 XP-L HI V3 EDC LED Led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] Brand: Klarus Model: Mi7 Emitter Type: XP-L HI V3 Material: Aerospace Aluminum … Read more