Streamlight Scorpion X LED Torch Review

A good quality torchlight always comes handy in different situations and for different purposes. A tactical torchlight can be a very useful and important tool to carry with you. If you work in security or work as a law enforcement person, a practising doctor or a nurse, then the chances are high that you have been through situations where a decent torchlight would help.

Let’s have a look at a torchlight that can serve many purposes where a good amount of light is needed.

The Streamlight Scorpion X tactical LED torch (See Price on Amazon) has the same design and features of the other Scorpion flashlights in the series. This new addition to the Scorpion torch series comes with an improved tactical body grip and a longer-lasting Strobe output.

The enhanced rubber grip on the body also makes it easier for you to maintain a firm hold on your torchlight even if it gets wet in rain or if you are using it in water.


Key Features and Benefits

  • The Streamlight Scorpion torch has a powerful C4 LED that is power-regulated to ensure the performance of your torch remains optimised and lasts longer.
  • This Scorpion torchlight features a programmable switch for momentary operation (light press or tap) and constant-on operation (press until click).
  • The Scorpion X also has an adjustable focus option which means rotating the head allows you to adjust the focus from a long beam reach. You can then pinpoint the beam or move to a wider or smoother flood effect for close-up usability.
  • The Scorpion X torch is a compact and lightweight tactical flashlight with high, low and strobe modes so that you can easily move between different light modes according to the light requirement.
  • It is powered by two 3V CR123A lithium batteries that come included with the torchlight.

The Scorpion series flashlights all feature a tail cap switch that allows convenient use without awkward two-handed twisting or turning.

This torch is a small, compact and convenient lighting option that is a powerhouse of a performance. In any emergency situations,  law enforcement officers, doctors or any other first responders, will be able to rely on this torch for self-defence or accessing difficult areas.


  • It has an unbreakable polycarbonate lens (O-ring sealed glass lens) with a scratch-resistant coating that prevents it from getting rough.
  • The light features a durable, anodised aluminium alloy assembly with an improved rubber-armoured body that helps provide better grip in all kinds of situations.
  • It has an anti-roll head design that prevents the torch from rolling away when placed on an uneven surface.
  • With the strobe function available in this torchlight, you can disorient or blind an attacker or give a signal for help in emergency situations.
  • The Scorpion X torch also has an IPX4 rating. This means that is has a water seal around the lens area, allowing it to be used in rain or water showers. It can also handle impact or drops from up to 3 metres above without issue.


  • The Scorpion X torch uses a high wattage xenon bulb. While this helps it deliver a bright beam, it can also get very hot over time. So it is handy to remember not to place it face-down against a flat surface or against any flammable object immediately after switching it off.

Another feature that comes in really handy with this torchlight is the Strobe function. It can stay active for an amazingly lengthy 6 hours, ensuring you are able to access it quickly in an emergency situation.

Having a bright torch allows you to quickly identify threats around you and momentarily blind a potential attacker. It can then buy you extra time for the typical human fight or flight response.

When looking to buy a torch, there’s a high chance that you will come across loads because there are so many options available to you. However, if you buy impulsively without proper research, there is a chance that you’ll end up buying a torch that does not have the right features for your needs.

It is worth noting that tactical torch lights are also very beneficial to have with you for camping, walking your dog, running at night, walking at night time in the dark or any other such activity.

As such, it is important you think through what your needs are and what purpose you want your torchlight to serve.

For example, a pen torch will be too small in size and its features will not be ideal if you need it for security or law enforcement purpose. In the same vein, your choice of the torch may also determine how well you fare if you need it for self-defence or walking down a dark alleyway.

On the other hand, tactical torchlights that are larger in size or power won’t be as EDC-friendly as the smaller torches and they will be very difficult to carry around in your pocket.

In my personal experience, the Scorpion X torch is extremely practical and durable. Making it the perfect hand-held torchlight for tactical and everyday users.