Mag Instrument RL2019 Reel,Bait cast,Fishing Rod, 12 V, Black, Full Size

Made of highest quality material
Manufacturer: Mag Instruments
Manufacturer Country: US


The MagLite RL1019 LED Rechargeable Flashlight System with 120V Converter and 12V DC Adapter from Maglite is a rugged, high-intensity LED flashlight. It has an anodised casing that is impact resistant to a fall of 3.3′ and resistant to water and extreme temperatures. The MagLite RL1019 has a spot to flood beam fast focus system that requires less than a 1/4 twist of the head. Powered by a rechargeable NiMH batter, the MagLite RL1019 can run up to 37 hours per charge in Eco mode and 4 hours at high mode.

The MagLite RL1019 LED features a programmable electronic switch with a range of user-configurable functions and a bright maximum output of 643 lumens and up to 1,335 ‘ beam distance. The Mag Charger features a rechargeable NiMH battery pack and can be billed on AC or DC currents. It comprises both a 120V Converter and 12V Power Adapter.

  • Bright 643 maximum lumens LED lamp with a place to flood adjustable beamRechargeable environmentally friendly NiMH battery. Charger works on both AC and DC currents.
  • Includes 1 detachable charging bracket.
  • Includes an improved charging cradle that provides a multi-mode LED indicator with red, orange and green lights. Blinking red indicates Fault, constant red is Pre-Conditioning, orange is Charging, blinking green is Top-Off and steady green indicates Idle/Maintenance. It charges faster than its predecessor with a 10 hour charging period and 80% charging efficiency.
  • Durable anodised construction That’s impact, water and extreme temperature resistant.
  • Programmable electronic switch with preferred functions: Full Power, Power Save, Strobe, SOS, Momentary On/Off
  • Includes both a 120V converter and 12V power adapter for cars.
  • Made in the USA

With the familiar “Quick-Click” system users can, within the “General” function set, choose:

• Full Power (643 Lumens)

• Low Power (148 Lumens)

• Eco Mode – Featuring improved recharging efficiency and a super power saving mode that yields up to 66 lumens with greatly extended run-time.

As seen below, there are three additional function sets Outdoor; Law Enforcement; and Military each offering a different set of functions invoked in a different sequence, for quickest access to the functions the particular user prefers.

The IMPROVED, faster-handling focus system now adjusts from spot to flood with less than 1/4 turn of the head.

Made of highest quality material
Manufacturer: Mag Instruments
Manufacturer Country: US

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