klarus Men’s TR10 Remote Pressure Switch To Fit Xt Model Flashlight – Metal Grey

 Klarus TR10 Remote Pressure Switch

The TR10 Remote Pressure Switch allows you to attach a switch to your XT model Klarus flashlight and select either a constant beam or momentary illumination with one simple control. The switch features a super low standby mode (3μ A) that will not drain the battery when left in standby mode. The PWM signal circuit controlled switch allows for optimum efficiency and high quality resilient PU material lets the cord stretch without damaging it. This remote switch also makes a great bike light so you can ride at night safely!

Specifications for Klarus TR10 Battery Saving Remote Pressure Switch:

Fits: XT10, XT11, XT12, XT20, XT30, XTQ1, and XTQ2 Flashlights

Package Contents:

  • Klarus TR10 Pistol Light Remote Pressure Switch
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Klarus TR10 – Remote switch for Klarus XT10, XT11, XT12, XT15, XT20, XT30 and FH10 lamps

The Klarus TR10 is equipped with a pad at its end, which itself is composed of several contactors, the first contactor is at the front of the pad towards the cable, this push button is round, it is called “constant” and the second longer occupies almost the entire area of ​​the pad. This is the first remote switch to access all modes on Klarus flashlights including the strobe mode.
This remote button is ideal for use on a weapon or on a bike.
Instant function, constant function, strobe function. You choose !
Momentary Activation: Press anywhere on the pad’s contactors to turn on the lamp momentarily, the lamp is turned on at its maximum mode as long as you hold down, release and the lamp goes out.
Constant mode: Press and hold the constant contactor (it is the round one on the pad) for more than 1.5 seconds to activate the constant mode.
Mode selection (High – Mid – Low): When constant mode is activated, press the constant contactor (round) again to scroll through the High – Mid and Low light modes, and stop on the desired one. To stop the lamp just press the pad somewhere other than the round button.
Strobe mode:When one of the three constant modes is selected and therefore enabled, press the constant round button for more than 0.6 seconds to turn on the strobe mode. To stop the strobe press the constant round button again, the lamp will switch to High mode. Finally if you want to stop the lamp press the pad (except the round button) and it will turn off.

Comes with a Velcro strap for fixing to any of the XT flashlight models.

  • Constant on optimal output
  • More than one outputs
  • Used for gun mounting or motorbike mounting
  • Low standby mode (present 3uA) consumes virtually n0 battery life

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