Makita DML806 LED Torch Review

The lantern/flashlight 18V L.X.T. Lithium-ion Cordless L.E.D. (DML806 model – See Price on Amazon) is a 2-in-1 light that delivers ultra-light, versatile and convenient operating systems. There are three types of L.E.D. illumination available: the light 360, the light 180 and the light 160. The consumer will determine whether these adjustable settings can inform the entire work environment or a specific work surface.

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The fast-charging 18V L.X.T. Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah battery (sold separately) provides a single charge for 11 hours of continuous lighting, up to 21 hours in 180-degree lanterns, up to 59 hours in flashlight mode in 3 60-degree lantern mode. The Makita 18V lithium-ion battery is fully compatible.

It is part of the growing 18V Lithium-Ion series from Makita, the world’s most extensive line-up of cordless equipment powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion slide-style battery. Batteries of Makita 18 V Lithium-Ion have the fastest charging times and spend more time operating and less time on the charger

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Makita DML806- Specifications

  • Up to 21 hours of continuous lighting in 180 ° lantern mode with 5.0Ah L.X.T. battery (battery purchased separately)
  • Up to 59 hours of uninterrupted illumination in flashlight mode with 5.0Ah L.X.T. battery
  • 360 ° lantern mode offers 620 lumens; 180 ° lantern mode offers 310 lumens; flashlight mode gives 90 lumens
  • 180 ° – 360 ° lantern lighting enables the user to choose between the entire work environment or particular lighting function
  • Up to 11 hours of uninterrupted illumination with a 5.0Ah L.X.T. battery in 360 ° lantern mode.
  • Portable and ergonomic design at just 14-3/8 “tall
  • Metal hang brace swivels 360 ° and folds away for additional ease
  • It weighs only 2.1 lbs. With battery.
  • The soft rubberised grip offers increased comfort on the job

This light is very bright, and getting three choices is good. 180-degree flashlight and a 360-degree flashlight. This light is lightweight, super-bright, and conveniently hangs with a steady hook built-in.

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This flashlight is working very well. It seems to last forever for about 20 hours on a four-amp battery. It has 360 °, 180 °, and top light functions. A bit of a light-duty seems to be the hanger movie, but it has not yet split. The torch is generating a lot of energy. It works great for mechanical and construction use, because of the led lights it doesn’t worry about getting hot and catching things on fire.

This lantern can light up a large room or tent quickly and is an excellent alternative to a campsite propane lantern. It’s not as bright as a lantern with propane. It has the advantage to run smoothly to the touch, though. The torch has a single push button alternating through 360 degrees, illumination of 180 degrees, single bulb flashlight, and off. The 180-degree lantern feature helps hold the lantern, as it essentially illuminates what is before you and does not glow in your eyes.

The button feels very solid, and several times the torch had survived to drop. The role of the flashlight is enough; the function of the lamp is exceptional. Please note there are no batteries included: Makita battery can be used in any capacity, the big bl1850 batteries can power the lantern for many hours.

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Very bright, easy to use as long as you have a fully charged 18v battery, of course, you don’t even need to read the manual to get started with this, a must-have in case of emergency, durability-wise, only time will tell, but I must say, use it with care since its built isn’t for rugged use.


Very bright and easy to use, as long as you do not need to read the manual to get started, you will have the necessity, in case of emergency, to be the durable only time. Still, I must tell, to use it carefully because the built-up battery is not suitable for robust use. It does not need to be easily used.