LiteXpress LED 3D Flashlight

While out there buying a flashlight, you may come across a lot of options to choose from and if you buy a random one without any research, you may not end up buying the right one for your specific need. You must have the proper knowledge and sense of what you need from a flashlight in order to get the best one.

For a lot of people, flashlights are a piece of crucial equipment for many different objectives. For example, you will need a much brighter light for outdoor use, for hunting, camping or other similar purposes while for indoor ventures, smaller lights can do pretty well. Finding the best flashlight for your particular applications can be challenging, but with a little research, guidance and information you’ll be able to get the one that’s best for you.

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When it comes to flashlights, LiteXpress has been my choice for quite a time now and in this post, I will be reviewing their LED 3D flashlight that I found to be quite productive for different pieces of work.

Key features and benefits

  • With this light, you get the option to choose between 5 light modes. It can be used in combination with a firearm to assist you when it comes to accurate target recognition, but there is also a lot more that you will be able to do with this flashlight.
  • This practical flashlight can be your ideal partner for daily use because it can sit in any of your pockets easily and can also be worn on the belt with the provided belt clip.
  • It has a CREE high power LED that can be operated in two different light modes giving a maximum output of 620 lumens.
  • The high-quality IPX4 build of this light offers protection against splashing water.
  • It has an excellent focus and exceptionally good beam distance up to 400 meters.

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  • I found it to be a great torch with the batteries lasting much longer than the 2D flashlights.
  • It can be a handy choice for household tasks, searching, camping, travelling or hiking.
  • This flashlight can be utilized in a better way when working indoors or searching for anything in a dark room or basement.
  • The LED bulb gives a better light than the conventional bulbs and can be focused for wider or narrower beam as required.
  • the torch emits light with a high beam intensity that makes it a glistering torch for navigating out in the dark.


  • the torch feels a bit heavier with the batteries put inside.

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Technical specifications

Colour: black

Material: stainless steel

Dimensions: 3.4 x 11.5 cm (D x L)

Weight: 121 grams

Number of positions: 2

Water-repellent: yes

Light range: 34 to 160 meters

Strength: 38 to 155 lm

Batteries: 3 x AAA battery (included)

Battery life: 8.5 to 70 hours

It is a compact and convenient flashlight that is a powerhouse of performance. In any emergency situation, law enforcement personnel, doctors or any other first responders, may rely on their torchlight for self-defense and this excellent torchlight can do it all. It has a bright and focused beam of light and the batteries last longer than the previous versions. The light has got a tough and durable feel and has a grainy pattern that ensures a good hand grip.

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The bulb is bright enough to illuminate anything far in front of the light making it a best choice for many different long distance outdoor tasks. It is quite an assisting product for anyone taking part in camping, trekking or any other kind of outdoor adventures. This light provides a focused and strong beam which can be quite useful if you live in the countryside as it gives long and reliable service in harsh conditions.

The best flashlight in my opinion is the one that not only produces a lot of light in dark environment but also presents a number of user oriented functionalities. There are a lot of varieties of flashlights that are available in the market nowadays and they come with different features, designs and build qualities and you can any one of them that meets your requirements accordingly in a better way.

With all that being said, sometimes it becomes quite hectic to choose the best torch light if you are buying it without any research. I have reviewed the best flashlight in my experience to help you choose the one that is reliable and user friendly and is capable of helping you in doing different tasks indoors or outdoors.