LEDLenser P7R Torch 1000 Lumens Review

If you are thinking about putting your money on just one torch, then you should seriously consider the LED Lenser P7R torch. There are a number of things to look out for when buying a torch. A good choice would be the one that is waterproof, allowing you to use it outdoors in all weather conditions.

You should choose a torch that also does not weigh too much, to help you avoid wrist tension if you end up holding it for a longer time. It is always more ideal to go with a torch that also comes with rechargeable batteries and has a variety of brightness levels or modes.

The LED Lenser P7R torch (See Price on Amazon) ticks all the above boxes and a lot more.LEDLenser P7R Torch review

There are a number of torches with a narrow stream of light that can also be used as a searchlight when you need a light for personal reasons. Also great for when you do not want to disturb other people in the room or camp while on the vacation.

At times like this, it might be beneficial for you to have a torch like the LEDLenser P7R Torch. It is a compact and a small-sized torch that fits in your backpack while you are out for hiking, and you can also keep one in your camp or car if you plan on enjoying a holiday outdoors.

The best torches are versatile as they can comfortably be used in a number of different scenarios. And this is where the LED Lenser P7R torch excels, whether you need to be outdoors at night, take your dog out for a walk on a cold dark evening or even if you lose power at home and need an emergency source of light.

LED Lenser has come up with an elegant and powerful torch in this P7R torch, so it can easily be considered an ideal choice for people looking for a reliable and trustworthy torchlight.

Key features and benefits

  • The LED Lenser P7R torch comes with a smart light technology that enables it to emit the light at a maximum distance of 210m using its three different modes of lighting.
  • This torch also comes with an advanced focus system that lets you choose between a broad floodlight and a sharply focused long-distance beam to be able to make use of it in multiple scenarios.
  • This little torch is equipped with 1 x XTreme LED that provides a pure and bright light output of 1000 lumens at the brightest setting.
  • The LEDLenser P7R torch is powered by an ICR18650 2200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that provides a maximum run time of 40 hours while on its lowest setting.
  • It has an Advanced Focus System (AFS) that is a patented combination of a reflector and lens. This helps create a light blend providing both a focused beam for spotting entities in the long-distance and a spill-beam for an up-close reading of the documents of drivers or cars.

The LEDLenser P7R torch (See Price on Amazon) is a lightweight, practical, handheld torch with decent ergonomic detailed finishing. The torch has three built-in brightness modes which you can operate anytime to brighten up the premises at your chosen strength whenever you switch the torch on.

The LEDLenser P7R torch has a coloured led charging indicator that tells you the state of charge in the batteries. It also has a magnetic-floating charging system that is easy to carry around and a very practical charging option to have.



  • The LEDLenser P7R torch is made with toughness and rigidness in mind, not to forget the small and compact size as well.
  • The torch uses a led charging indicator to let you know the current battery state, showing you when the battery gets low or is fully charged.
  • The magnetic floating charging system makes it convenient for you to charge the LED Lenser P7R torch in your car as well.
  • The beam reach of this torch filled out my garden and the ability to choose between floodlight and long-distance luminosity is a great feature to have.
  • It has an IPX4 waterproof rating that means it is not vulnerable to the splashing water from any direction.


  • The LEDLenser P7R torch does not really have a collar that comes with torches like the Klarus XT21X. So sometimes when placed on an uneven surface, there’s a risk of it rolling away.

Despite this though, this LED Lenser is a nifty little torch. The Li-ion battery is quite impressive in performance and has sufficient capacity so it doesn’t require frequent charging. Coupled with the fact that it is waterproof and also not as vulnerable to damage if dropped from heights.

The LED Lenser P7R torch is also very popular with the law enforcement professionals as they always need a light that is bright enough to see clearly at a distance at night duties and also works well while reading documents. It is also a good option to have closeby to be used as a striking weapon if necessary as the build quality of this torch is tough, rigid and durable.