Klarus XT2CR Torch Review

The Klarus XT series is from the well-known and admired collection of torch lights having a tactical interface with dual tail switches. They come with features like instant access to turbo light mode, strobe, or low mode for better usability.

The two previous versions of this series, the XT11GT and XT12GT came with a balanced, and thrower beam profiles respectively. They also have an intelligent temperature protection system for controlled output and safety.

This Klarus XT2CR (See Price on Amazon) is the newest version and it comes with all of the right technology, as well as features and an intuitive user interface. It also comes supplied with a rechargeable 18650 battery.

Let’s have a look at the new Klarus XT2CR torch in more detail.

Key features and benefits

Klarus XT2CR Torch Review

  • This Klarus torch has a Cree XHP35 HD E4 LED that comes with a maximum output of 1600 lumens and a beam throw of 240 meters that provides a user with higher photoelectric efficiency.
  • It has two user interfaces: Tactical Setting/Outdoor Setting. The outdoor setting is specifically designed to be used outdoors or when hunting in the wilderness.
  • The all-new ITS system of this light monitors internal temperature and adjust output to regulate heat and in result protects LED and internal components for the perfect balance of output and safety.
  • The Klarus XT2CR has a micro USB charging port with a rubberized cover for waterproofing. Also, the micro USB port makes the torch less vulnerable to short circuits when compared to magnetic charging options.
  • The packaging of XT2CR includes the flashlight, a 18650 battery, lanyard, O-ring, holster and micro USB You can also have optional accessories that are remote pressure switch and rail-mount.

The XT2CR comes with two tail switches, the primary switch and a mode switch. The bezel of this torchlight is purpose-designed for self-defence, making it the best option for tactical or law enforcement applications. The bezel can be unscrewed easily if you don’t like or need it.


  • It has a high initial lumen and peak beam intensity considering its small and compact size, great for seeing what’s ahead of you without compromising on size.
  • It provides a controlled output due to the intelligent temperature protection system that it has.
  • You have instant access to turbo and strobe mode with this light.
  • It has a covered and protected micro USB charging port and battery charging indicator. Orange when charging and green when fully charged
  • The torch also includes a glass lens with AR coating which is scratch-resistant. I’ve had this torch in my bag with keys, pens and all sorts but the glass lens has remained pristine.
  • The torchlight comes with type 3 hard anodised material, making it a tough one for harsh conditions and protecting the torch from drops from heights.


  • One thing that I did not like in this torchlight is that there is a large gap between high and turbo mode.
  • It also does not have a memory mode, so does not remember the last used setting when switched off (this 7 mode torch is great for that). It can be a thing to consider in future upgraded versions.

It has an inbuilt micro USB charging system that makes sure that the provided 18650 battery can be charged up easily with any USB charger available. The micro USB charging will surely appeal to the consumer as it is quite a handy feature.

The Klarus XT2CR (See Price on Amazon) is a splendid, high-quality tactical torchlight that prevents itself from overheating if the light is on high mode for a certain time. This output stepdown is controlled by the intelligent temperature protection system.

In my opinion, the Klarus XT2CR is an excellent torch for use when dog walking, running at night or just walking to the garden shed in the dark.