Klarus Led flashlight Pouch Flashlight Holster Holder Torches Cover Case for Klarus XT11GT XT11S XT12S G20 XT11

This nylon-made led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] pouch from Klarus was created for its Klarus XT11 led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip]. The nylon and elastic construction make it appropriate for firmly attaching many distinct torches. It sports a d-ring attachment, velcro belt loop attachment along with a protected sewn-in belt loop. We are positive this holster will fit your 18650 led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] or torches from the Klarus Mi7 range.

The Klarus led [tooltip id=”93fb9b90fffe8eabfb594ef794995e52″]flashlight[/tooltip] pouch is a really powerful, heavy duty holster which secures the led flashlight by a velcro cover and can be glued to a belt through the loop in the back of the holster.

About Klarus Flashlights

KLARUS LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED launched in June 2011, includes an expert R & D group, manufacturing and marketing departments, who collectively provide a vast choice of advanced flashlights of premium quality and functionality. These attributes, together with all our extensive guarantee and superior after-sales service, have led to KLARUS becoming a top international LED led flashlight manufacturer.

The KLARUS goal will be to provide superior quality, dependable products which work continuously in most weather conditions. Our flashlights are best for use by law enforcement, Police and Military or for outside, industrial or civilian functions. Product lines include the vehicle-mounted Double R collection, the strategic XT collection, the luxury civilian ST and P show, the keychain Mi series, bike lighting BK series, the diving SD series, quality led flashlight pouch along with others.

Klarus Warranty Service

  • KLARUS guarantees the led flashlight against defects in material and workmanship. Led flashlight products that are found to be defective under ordinary usage within 2 years of this evidence of buy date will be fixed or replaced without charge.
  • This warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accident, unreasonable use or product alteration. Failure to follow the general upkeep directions could lead to damage to your led flashlight that may not be covered by the KLARUS guarantee.
  • If this led flashlight should prove faulty, the product will be replaced or repaired, under the above terms. Please contact KLARUS or your KLARUS dealer for warranty return instructions.

Klarus has been able to generate a wide choice of innovative flashlights of premium quality and functionality. Klarus has become a household name across the Majority of the EU, US, Asia, Oceania, Africa, Canada and elsewhere.

Klarus flashlights are ideal for use by law enforcement, Police and Military or for outdoor, industrial or civilian purposes. Klarus has a large range of merchandise for example: led flashlight accessories, batteries, chargers and much more.

It’s important to know that when you purchase from a brand like Klarus that your goods is well-crafted and well-priced.


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