Inova X1 T Series T2 torch

The Inova X1 (Link to Amazon) is a resilient torchlight that provides extraordinary performance and illumination for its compact 4-inch size. It is powered by a single AA alkaline battery. The torch has an exceedingly good design and is lightweight. It has a patented optical system that provides super light projection and luminosity.

The Inova X1 features a steady focused spot with a flood beam that can go as far as 100 feet.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The light has three modes of operation: low, high and strobe. All three can be operated by the rear-based rubberised switch.
  • This T series torch from Inova utilizes a patented optical system which presents you a strong and with 243 lumens dazzling light with an effective range of up to 145 m.
  • It comes with two 123 A lithium batteries that provide a run time of 3 hours 25 minutes at High Power and 34 hours at Low Wattage.
  • The X1 has an Aviation and aerospace aluminium housing, military identification type III hard-anodised finish and full knurling for optimal grip, impact-resistant and water-resistant assembly.
  • The T2 is furnished with a pressure limit switch for momentary or ceaseless light, strobe and lockout modes. By swivelling the end of the cap, the torch can be switched on and off.

The Inova X1 T Series torch (Link to Amazon) is a substantial tool to have for the instances where you may need some extra light and extra radiance. The light output of this torch is evaluated at eleven lumens for seventy hours.

The torchlight is rated at IPX4 for water resistance, which makes the X1 splash-proof. It is a dual-mode light that is compact enough to rest in your pocket. It can be used as both a central or back-up light.



  • The X1 has a tightened and tough assembly and a particular knurled pattern that secures a tight grip.
  • The torch comes with a practical wrist strap that makes it convenient for you to always keep it with you.
  • The size of the X1 is small enough to carry in your pocket or backpack.
  • The Inova X1 triggers enough light on a low mode that can be advantageous for up-close visibility tasks like documents or maps reading.



  • The X1 may not be the best choice if you have longer light beam needs.

The torchlight possesses a reflector having a matte quality finish which helps in broadcasting the beam more uniformly. The X1 can be helpful to you in a number of ways. it can prove to be the right choice for electrical work, computer repair, manufacturing, auto repair, camping, hunting and other outdoor ventures. The size of this torch makes it easier to keep it in your pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack, or anywhere similar where it’s convenient for you.

I would approve this torchlight to anyone looking for a compact, feathery and a user-oriented light source with paramount fluorescence. The Inova X1 T Series torch (link to Amazon) is an outstanding little torchlight with the super-tough build quality.