Best UV Flashlight for Scorpions

In case you are struggling with these creepy creatures around your home then this post is specially put together for you. Scorpions are very dangerous to both humans and pets around the house. Their sting is poisonous and can lead to death.

Tracking them before any damage is done could prevent loss of lives. Their venomous stings usually cause heart failure or respiratory congestion which in turn leads to death if not treated fast.

The issue now is how to locate a scorpion crawling around your home. What you need to accomplish this is a blacklight torch. A UV (ultraviolet) flashlight provides the blacklight you need to find these deadly insects easily.

Scorpions glow under an ultraviolet beam and are caught without any struggle. One of the flashlights I have reviewed below will surely come in handy for your use. So, read on as I have highlighted features of the 3 best UV flashlights after doing proper research.

  1. Alonefire SV128 395nm UV Torch 128 LED Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight Black Light for Scorpion, Pet Urine Detection, Dry Stain, Carpet, Floor with UV Protective Glasses

The Alonefire flashlight comprises of 128 pcs of LED bulbs. It is a powerful 395nm UV light that is 40% brighter than other ultraviolet torches. It has a multi-functional application. You can easily find a scorpion with this flashlight. It can be used to detect dry pet urine stains on carpet or floors.

Naturally occurring minerals can be spotted and the clean state of rooms, toilets and kitchens are also inspected easily.

Alonefire SV128 395nm UV Torch 128 LED Ultraviolet...
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A pair of UV protective glasses are recommended for use with this flashlight. This is to avoid any damage from occurring if you mistakenly flash the beam into your eyes. The glasses should be kept close to the flashlight at all times so as not to forget wearing them before any inspection.

This flashlight uses 6 pcs AA batteries. These batteries are disposable whenever they finish discharging due to constant use. They may be replaced as frequently as you use them. To enjoy their long-lasting capacity, always remove the batteries if the torch is not in use.

Rated at IPX4, it is a waterproof torch that can withstand splashes of water from any angle. Do not panic if it begins to drizzle when you are using it. Rain splashes may also get in contact with it in the shed where you may have it stored. Just ensure you wipe it clean with a dry cloth before its next use.

It is a durable and very reliable torchlight. It has a full metal case made from aluminium alloy. This high-grade metal makes it resistant to corrosion if it comes in contact with water. It also makes it shockproof and anti-scratch in case it drops from a high level unto a rough surface.

Less than a kilogram in weight, it is very light to handle. This makes it portable for you to carry it in your gear kit when going camping or on an adventure in the woods. It can fit easily into your backpack without a fuss. You do not require any head or shoulder strap to operate it. The loop attached on the handle can be seamlessly fastened to your wrist to prevent accidental falls from your grip.


  • The 6 pcs AA batteries that powers the flashlight is provided in the package. This will help you save cash from buying it yourself. You also do not have to order batteries during its first use immediately after purchase.
  • A pair of UV protective glasses are enclosed in the box. With this, you do not need to worry about your safety while using the torch. Your eyes will be well protected as long as you always wear the goggles.
  • Not only scorpions can be discovered with this flashlight. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as dry urine stains and mineral lighting to mention a few.
  • With its 395nm of ultraviolet light, it is 40% brighter than other torches. No creeping animal can go unnoticed with its superb illumination. Insects and other harmful creatures around the house can be detected effortlessly.
  • Its superior alloy casing makes it shockproof, anti-rust and anti-scratch. It is reliable, rugged and durable with no room for corrosion.


  • The power source is not rechargeable. It is best to use disposable batteries since you may need the flashlight impromptu most times. Alkaline batteries are better to be relied upon in urgent situations.


  1. Black Light Flashlight Rechargeable, 3in1 LED Tactical Flashlight UV Black Light & Redlight, Zoomable, Waterproof Pocket-size Flashlight for Pet Urine Stains Detection

This zoomable flashlight comes with 7 lighting modes from wide to narrow beams. The modes include high/low/strobe/UV light/COB white/COB red/COB side strobe. With just the press of a button, you can turn off the flashlight at any mode without cycling through all the modes first.

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It has a strong magnetic and COB (Chips on Board) sidelight. The magnetic tail enables you to stick the flashlight on a metallic surface while it is in use. It could be during a car repair where you can use the white LED beam. It could also be while camping in the woods. Just attach the torch on an iron to be able to sight any scorpion that may be crawling around.

At 800 Lumens, this flashlight can guarantee an extreme brightness that is capable of illuminating the darkest corners. It has a large coverage distance of up to 600 feet of intense light.

The UV blacklight it generates helps to detect scorpions easily around your home. It also serves during outdoor activities like gardening where scorpions are likely to hang around. Dry pet urine which may have stained carpets or rugs can also be easily spotted with the ultraviolet beam.

It is powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery which gets fully charged within 3 hours. It provides 8-hours of constant brightness after a full charge. Any USB cable can be used to charge the battery. Therefore, you do not have to purchase a special cable for that purpose.

This torch can be used under heavy rain or severe weather with no cause for alarm. Its aluminium body and high-grade waterproof capacity make it suitable for that.


  • Very lightweight and compact. It can be taken along for any expedition you want to embark on as an emergency tool. It is suitable for your EDC (Everyday Carry) with no stress.
  • There is a small metal clip attached on the flashlight that gives it the advantage of fastening it to your pocket or backpack. You may need to move about while it is in use so this comes as a problem solver.
  • The required 18650 Li-ion battery is included in the package for your convenience. You will not need to buy a battery for a long period. Two pcs of batteries are provided.
  • Two units of flashlights packed and sold at the price of one. You could keep one constantly for home use.
  • Two micro USB cables are also included for your comfort.


  • If you do not fix the battery terminals correctly before charging, you may end up burning the flashlight.


  1. YOUTHINK UV Torch, 100 LED UV Flashlight with UV Protection Glasses, 395nm Upgraded 100 LED Flashlight Black Light Ultraviolet Lamp, Dog Cat Urine Detector, for Carpet/Floor

YOUTHINK UV flashlight contains 100 LED bulbs and emits up to 395nm over a wide coverage so brightly. It has a superior beam that can reach very far. Each LED bulb is made of is perfectly lit to achieve a uniform beam that shines greatly. The lifespan of the LEDs is 100,000 hours which means you do not need to replace the torch for more than a decade of use.

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This flashlight is capable of detecting the presence of scorpions around your home or campsite. It can also reveal urine stains of dogs, cats and other pets on carpets, furniture and clothing that naked eyes cannot see.

It works by emitting long UV rays on the salts contained in dried pet urine or the hyaline layer of a scorpion’s exoskeleton. This makes the object to shine and glow like a neon sign making it visible to the eyes.

Made from durable aluminium alloy, it dissipates heat effortlessly. Its body is anti-abrasive and shockproof which permits it to drop from great heights without being damaged. It also works well with exposure to moisture or splashes of water from any angle.

A pair of UV protective goggles are needed to operate this torch safely. The goggles frame is adjustable to fit your head size and fits both men and women. It is well treated to function with its anti-fog feature and it is not temperature bias while worn safely on your face. It is suitable for use both in cold and hot weather.


  • This flashlight has a hand strap for your comfort without having to carry it with your hands while in use.
  • There is a pair of glasses included in the package. Your safety is guaranteed and you do not have to buy a pair separately.
  • It uses 6 pcs AA battery that ensures you always have it powered instead of relying on electricity.


  • You need to take caution while using this flashlight as it can cause damage to other people’s eyes. All UV lights could cause this effect so be careful.


Making Your Choice

The factors to consider when selecting a UV flashlight should be the LED bulb type, the power source and storage space. Some UV torches have a single LED bulb while others have several bulbs.

The power source could be a rechargeable battery or disposable ones. You may also wish to create special storage where you need to keep the flashlight safe while not in use away from children’s reach.