Best Penlight for Doctors & Nurses

Nitecore MT06MD Penlight LED Torch – Review

If you are a practising medical doctor or just a healthcare professional, then the chances are high that you often need a penlight for checking up and diagnosing your patients. In my experience, people do struggle to find the best penlight led torch for a number of different reasons. In some cases, the penlight might be too bright, too dim or just not ergonomically right.

Nitecore MT06MD Torch - Black
  • Led: Nichia 219B
  • Beam distance: 63 yards (58 m)
  • Beam intensity: 860 cd

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Doctors usually need a penlight torch for different types of checkups that include eye, ear, mouth or throat inspections.

Nitecore – as a brand – is a name to be trusted when looking for the best penlight led torch for medical use. It is quite obvious that Nitecore has done their research and identified the requirements of many people when developing this updated version of their MT06 penlight.

The latest version is the Nitecore MT06 penlight that I will be reviewing for you to better understand the benefits and uses of this awesome penlight from Nitecore. They have updated the MT06 by creating a new low output and combined it with a new high CRI LED making it an excellent option for medical professionals.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The MT06MD is an upgrade to the popular MT06 with several new features that set it apart. Nitecore replaced the cool white LED of the MT06 with a Nichia 219B emitter for a warmer beam with a lower peak intensity at 860cd. The emitted light in the result is perfect and help you for up-close tasks like pupil scanning, ear, nose or throat checkup – where details and colours are key factors.
  • This penlight is powered by 2 x AAA batteries that provide a maximum run time up to 35 hours.
  • The penlight is specifically designed for medical use especially for pupil inspection. Its switch-on mode is ‘low’ by default ensuring you don’t accidentally blind your patients when turning it on.
  • It has three brightness levels available that help you adjust the light according to your needs.
  • The MT06MD is ultra-lightweight and it can easily be operated with one hand using the reverse-click tail switch and leave your other hand free to work. Also, you can easily carry the MT06MD penlight with you every day because it weighs it is really lightweight and barely noticeable.

The penlight looks very identical to its predecessor the MT06, with a black smooth body having a stainless steel clip and a tail switch to operate it. It also has machined texture on it that helps add a bit of grip without cutting knurling which may have made its cleaning difficult.

Another thing that I liked in this small penlight from Nitecore is that it has a single button user interface with three output levels that makes it quite simple to operate it. A full press of the tail switch will turn the light on. Half presses or quick presses of the switch take you to other modes in a cycle.


  • It starts in low mode whenever you turn it on so as to provide safety to the patients.
  • This light has great colour rendering that helps you observe the patients better or maybe check electrical wiring or something if you need it for purposes other than medical.
  • The new Nichia 219B emitter allows the user to see every detail of the object and helps them to make accurate diagnosis.
  • It has a PDOT smooth reflector that reduces the chances of misdiagnose by producing a smooth and uniform spot with no artefacts.
  • Constructed from hard-anodised aero grade aluminium alloy that prevents it from damaging in case of any drops. The full metal body also makes it submersible in alcohol for sterilization.

Nitecore MT06MD Torch – Black
  • Led: Nichia 219B
  • Beam distance: 63 yards (58 m)
  • Beam intensity: 860 cd

Last update on 2022-08-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • The light gets a bit too hot in the high mode and the tail switch gets kind of stuck for a while.
  • The pocket clip could be better as it doesn’t work quite well.

Penlights can be beneficial to people for a lot of reasons. Most people these days need penlights for medical purposes, the majority being doctors and nurses.

There are a lot of varieties of penlights available in the market nowadays that come with different features, designs and functionalities to meet your requirements accordingly in a better way. Therefore, sometimes it becomes quite difficult to pick the best penlight torch if you are buying it without any research.

This Nitecore MT06MD is probably the best penlight for doctors and nurses that you can find as it is lightweight, reliable and user-friendly.