Best Green LED Flashlight For Hunting

A green light is more friendly and less sensitive to the human eye than red light, therefore, flashlights that come with green bulbs serve hunters better as they can see further and clearer with it. The subtle nature of the green colour gives a remarkable contrast in the dark and creates a suitable condition for hunting especially dark-skinned animals.

About 1000 Lumens is needed for hunting and this can be obtained from any good green torch available on my list of unique flashlights reviewed in this post that is capable of covering as much as 300meters range from your position.

Prey animals that are unaware of their surroundings at a particular period usually in the dark will not detect a green light directed towards them thereby making it easier for you to hunt them down quietly and quickly.

Now let’s have a look at the five best green LED flashlights for hunting currently available to buy.

  1.   Odepro KL41 Plus Hunting Flashlight Red Light Green Light LED 

This torchlight beam can go as far as 400 yards distance with 850 Lumens of brightness and four individual changeable modules in four different colours ranging from red, white, green to infrared which can serve in hunting different targets in any situation.

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It comes with an intelligent pressure switch that makes holding your torch handsfree operated just by pressing a switch to on or turn off the remote switch. Two types of mount hold the flashlight in place to either be kept on a stable base or held like a shotgun with a well-balanced grip to aim at your target.

Being waterproof makes it easy to use under heavy rain or light showers.



  • Two units of Lithium metal batteries are included in the package though it requires just one battery to function.
  • It comes with free delivery service rendered by the supplier or marketer which amounts to you saving 1% of the cost price just by placing your order online or with a phone call.
  • All the tools and accessories are housed in a durable anti-scratch toolbox that you can easily carry about due to its portability without taking up too much space in your vehicle or home.
  • Fabricated from anodized aluminium-alloy with a military finish makes it resistant to rough handling and shocks in rough terrains.


Con: The torch has a heavyweight which makes the mount attached in the package useful because it provides support while being operated without worrying about its weight.


  1.   BORUiT 1200LM IPX8 Waterproof Tactical Flashlight, Rechargeable LED Torch with White/Red/Green/Blue/UV 5 Lights for Hunting, Hiking, Fishing

This multi-purpose flashlight comes with a 5-year warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee. It has 5 different coloured bulbs and 11 working modes in total fit for varying conditions during operation.

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The unmatchable brightness and highly efficient bulbs imported from the United States gives it an edge over others in the market with an output of 1200 Lumens and a beam coverage of up to 180m distance. It has a lightweight hence, it is convenient to handle and carry about and reliably tough in resisting rough surfaces in the course of usage.

Water from any sources like light rain showers, heavy downpour or pools cannot destroy the flashlight due to its ability to resist moisture at any level and as far as 2m underwater.


  • It is powered via a rechargeable battery. So it can be used out of the proximity of electric power supply because it can retain charge and last for as long as you need to use it.
  • There is a heat sink provided in its design which takes up all the heat that is generated by the light bulbs with extended use without causing any inconvenience to the hunter or operator.
  • The removable pocket clip makes it easy to be fastened to your pants while not in use.


Con: It cannot be used as a diving flashlight which is not even the ideal torch meant for that purpose.


  1.   Rechargeable Torch Red Green Hunting Flashlight, 350 Lumens 250 Yards LED Lamp Torch with Hunting Kits 

Coyote, fox and wild boar just a few of the several animals can be hunted using this flashlight that has a lightweight for easy carriage and can fit into your backpack perfectly.

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It comprises of a set of accessories such as a barrel and scope mount for attaching the torchlight to a base or a tripod stand for smooth adjusting of its focus on your target. There is also a remote pressure switch for quick operation or regulation of the on/off buttons and a custom battery charger for connecting to direct power supply while recharging its 18650 Li-ion battery.

There are two distinct colours of the bulb which come in red and green modules that are quick to install and detach as the case may be.



  • It is waterproof and tends to function well underwater or heavy downpour.
  • The flashlight comes with 30-days money-back guarantee and a lifetime quality warranty which assures you of its high-quality and functionality.
  • It has a multi-purpose use ranging from camping, fishing and hiking at nightfall or in a dark environment.
  • Its illuminating distance covers as long as 250 yards which extend beyond the horizon at the field of operation giving a clear and wide view.

Con: The illuminating output is 350 Lumens which is not extremely high when compared with other similar products.


  1.   Ultrafire LED Torch Tactical Flashlight, Hunting Torch Red/Green/White Light LED Flashlight 900 Lumens, Waterproof, Red/Green Light Searchlight


A whopping 900 Lumens that will produce a blazing brightness to hunt down your target game in the dark can be obtained from this torchlight.

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It is portable and handy due to its low weight of 240g which enables you to take it with you everywhere either in your pocket or purse.  It requires either a lithium metal rechargeable battery or 3x AAA batteries for its power supply and this makes it easier to use for an extended period by loading the torch with alkaline batteries when the rechargeable one runs down.

Included in the package are two distinct bulbs plus red and green glass lens designed for a variety of uses. Just as seen on TV, it has 5 modes of operation which are either high/medium/low/strobe/SOS. The product is replaceable within 30 days if you encounter issues while using it.



  • The tail is designed with a magnetic material which gives it an edge over other non-magnetic types because it can be easily attached to a metallic surface while observing your prey with your weapon properly positioned in your hands.
  • A wide range of batteries can be used with this flashlight which permits you to have several options if you do not remember to charge the custom Li-ion battery.

Con: Though batteries are not included in the package, you can get it cheap on Amazon or your local supermarket. You may as well use a Samsung battery if you have one at home.


  1.   Boruit RJ-3000 LED Headlamp with Green Light – White & Green LED Hunting Headlight – 5000 Lumens Tactical Head Torch for Running, Camping, Hiking 

In great contrast to the other torches above, this torch is worn on the head where it is easy and convenient for you to have a clearer view of an object and hands-free opportunity to operate your weapon for taking down your prey in split seconds.

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It has an ultra-bright capacity of 5000 Lumens which is extremely powerful for any outdoor activity without spooking your prey or people around you. A white bulb is positioned in the middle of two green or two red bulbs placed on either side depending on your choice of colour.

There are 3 different lighting modes which include high white light/low white light and green light that are capable of meeting your preferences depending on the condition of your activity. It can be charged with any USB cable anywhere being an upgraded version of the old RJ-3000 LED headlamp.



  • The view angle is adjustable therefore you will not encounter any stress when carrying it around on your head.
  • It has a soft glow of green light which makes it suitable for fishing and hunting because it will not scare the creatures away from you.
  • Serves as an emergency power bank that can charge any of your electronic devices for urgent usage.
  • This product has a USB cable for charging it and double 18650 rechargeable batteries included in the package.
  • A 365-days warranty from the manufacturer is given so in case there is any fault encountered while using it, they will fix the fault at no cost.

Con: You need to be careful of the voltage of the charger you use for charging the torch to avoid any dangerous situation or battery short circuit, therefore, you should avoid using a high voltage charger for it.


Choosing your Green LED Flashlight

From the listed types of flashlights that I have reviewed in this article, you may select your choice of a torch that will not only meet your needs but prevent you from breaking the bank budget-wise.

You may prefer a hand-held, barrel mount or a headlamp depending on your preference and the activity you want to use it for. Some are sold at higher prices than others and have different warranty periods.

Read carefully and thoroughly to digest each specification and advantages before you go ahead to purchase your hunting torch to embark on that trip to the wild today!