Best Flashlight Over 1000 Lumens

You may wonder why you need a flashlight with light output as high as 1000 lumens or more. The reason is simple: outdoor activities require a larger output of light especially in the dark.

Also, if you are a law enforcement agent or an emergency expert you will need a high lumens flashlight for your work. Sudden blackouts in adverse weather also require a bigger output. Lastly, you may find yourself in a compromising situation where a durable flashlight could serve as a self-defence tool.

Someone may think that with the advent of constant electric power supply, we only need flashlights low in luminosity for menial purposes. This assumption is not appropriate because of the sudden occurrence of natural disasters that result in power cuts. Aside from this, winter and spring storms could lead to blackouts where you become helpless in the dark.

A 1000 or more lumens flashlight is very reliable when it comes to situations such as these. The quality and brightness of light they provide can light up large areas like a shipyard or a factory. Outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, caving or bouldering also require high lumens.

After doing in-depth research, I was able to gather 3 flashlights over 1000 lumens that you can purchase to meet your lighting needs.


  1. ALFLASH Rechargeable Torch Lantern High Power 7000 Lumens 9000mAh LED Super Bright Waterproof Outdoor Handheld Spotlight Flashlight Portable LED Searchlight


The ALFLASH rechargeable flashlight has a high-power brightness. It is a professional torch with super bright high-performance Cree LED T6. Boasts of 7000 lumens light output and an irradiation distance of 800 meters. This output is extremely high and capable of lighting up your path on a lonely dark road.

Say goodbye to those unexpected moments of blackouts when you have only your phone torch to brighten the dark.

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It has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with a large capacity up to 6000mAh. In the high mode, the battery can run for 8 hours on a full charge. It can last up to 16 hours while in the low mode which is more than the time you can spend on any activity. The LEDs lifespan is a whopping 100,000 hours.

This flashlight functions as a power bank. You can charge your mobile devices with the torch during emergencies. A USB charger is used for recharging the torch to keep the battery full at all times.

Fabricated from high-quality aluminium alloy and ABS material, it can withstand shocks, dust and explosions. It can also be used near splashing water like when you need to put out a fire. Rain showers are also not able to damage the flashlight due to its IPX4 rating.


  • ALFLASH flashlight is resistant to sudden falls or impacts from heights as much as 1.5m. If it drops accidentally, you are sure of its ability to continue functioning with no damage.
  • Attached to the flashlight are car and wall charging outlets. This keeps you covered as you can charge the battery while on the move in your vehicle before reaching your destination.
  • Also, a car charger is packaged for you along with the torch. You do not have to bother buying a separate charger for use in your car.
  • Included in the package is a shoulder strap that gives it the handsfree advantage. If you have ever been faced with needing your hands while using a flashlight, then this feature will be a perfect solution.
  • It is extremely lightweight and can be carried for long distances. No feelings of tiredness or bulkiness while carrying the flashlight.


  • For use in hunting for wildlife, there is no red filter designed on the flashlight. Do not worry as you can use red cellophane to cover the screen.


  1. Haofy Headlight LED Headlamp Flashlight Head Torch, 6000 Lumen Ultra Bright Headlight USB Rechargeable Batteries, IPX4 Waterproof Light for Cycling, Camping, Hiking, Outdoors


The Haofy headlamp is an ultra-bright and powerful flashlight. It has 6 LED bulbs with a maximum light output of 6000 lumens. These bulbs are capable of shining stronger, longer and brighter than you can imagine. Altogether, they provide illumination that can cut through any dark surrounding.

Their luminosity can cover larger and wider areas outdoors where lower outputs cannot reach.

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Being a headlamp, it serves as a hands-free flashlight. This feature permits you to perform your task while it is worn over your head. Reading, cycling or climbing become less cumbersome with the Haofy flashlight. It has 8 lighting modes that are easily operated even with gloved hands. Go ahead and explore your environment whenever you desire.

Rated at IPX4, it is waterproof and can withstand splashes from any angle. It is very safe to use under the rain or in snowy weather. You can also rotate the head using its 360 degrees swivel ability to direct the beam in any position you want.

It is a rechargeable flashlight and the battery level lasts long with every full charge. Powered by 2 pcs 4000mAh Li-polymer batteries, it charges quite fast when plugged in. The LED bulbs have a superior lifespan of 100,000 hours which is over a decade of use. There is a power display function attached that indicates when the battery level is low and due for a recharge.

The head strap is comfortable and adjustable to fit both adults and children. It is made from high-quality material that prevents you from sweating or bruises as a result of regular use.


  • This headlamp comes with 2 pcs 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries that are fully charged. You are sure of being equipped with instant power source after purchase.
  • It is made with EVA non-sweat durable materials capable of withstanding harsh weather. This gives you the comfort you deserve.
  • It is waterproof and can withstand any exposure to splashes of water rated as IPX4. You need not fret about using this flashlight in the rain.
  • A USB cable is included in the package for your convenience while charging the battery after use.


  • Always ensure that the batteries do not run out of charge when in use. This is common with rechargeable devices to avoid damaging the functionality of the battery


  1. CSNDICE LED Rechargeable Handheld Searchlight High-Power Super Bright 9000mAh 6000 Lumens CREE Tactical Spotlight Torch Lantern Flashlight

The CSNDICE rechargeable flashlight features 2 brightness levels in firefly mode. These include the low level of luminosity and the high mode. Its ultra-long illumination covers as much as 2600 feet. This is wide enough to use in a larger area, especially for outdoor activities. It can also be used indoors where lower brightness is required. In this situation, you can just turn on the low mode.

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At 6000 lumens output, it has a large battery capacity up to 9000mAh that can last as much as 26 hours on a full charge. This is long enough to go on an adventure and return without needing a recharge while you are away.  Its additional functionality of smart protection makes it safe for use as a power bank. This is the overcharge /over-discharge protection that covers your mobile devices when connected to the flashlight.

Made from high-intensity ABS plastic, it can withstand explosion, shocks and dust. The entire body is fully enclosed to achieve these. It can also withstand splashes of water from all angles due to its IPX4 rating. Do not panic if you find yourself under the rain or in snowy weather. The flashlight will still function during and after the exposure to moisture.

It comes with a shoulder harness for carrying or hanging it on a support. Do not worry about how bulky and discomforting it may be because it is very light in weight. You will not feel burdened by its size as it is designed to be compact and portable.




  • Its batteries are rechargeable. There is no need to search for batteries to replace disposable ones each time you need the flashlight.
  • The flashlight serves as a power bank for charging your smartphone and other mobile gadgets. This is good for emergencies.
  • There is a charging indicator attached to it for displaying the battery level. This shows when plugged in and when charging is complete.
  • The lifespan of this flashlight is 100,000 hours. This is more than a decade of use!



  • Do not try to unscrew the flashlight as it may cause the internal wires to break. You should not even try to dismantle the torch at all. Call on a technician if you encounter any electrical fault.


Final Thoughts when Choosing a Flashlight Over 1000 Lumens

Before purchasing a flashlight over 1000 lumens, you need to put several factors into consideration.

  • The material used to fabricate the flashlight needs to be sturdy enough so that it can withstand rugged terrains and rough handling. This in turn tells how durable or long-lasting the flashlight will be.
  • Safety of using the flashlight to avoid explosion or eye damage. The lumens is on the high side therefore, proper care has to be taken to ensure the flashlight doesn’t become unnecessarily hot. Temporary blindness could occur if the beam is directed into someone’s eyes. You must need this high output probably for self-defence or outdoor sports before you buy one for yourself.
  • Portability of the flashlight in terms of its total weight. You do not want to deal with a bulky torch when you can obtain a lightweight product like the ones in this review.
  • Finally, the battery type used to power the flashlight is equally important to note. Rechargeable batteries are mostly dependable compared with disposable ones. You will not enjoy spending on replacing batteries every time as it is with alkaline choices.