Best Flashlight for Stormy Weather

An overwhelming condition sets in when the clouds form and become dark, threatening to rain cats and dogs. What usually happens as a result of the heavy winds that arise is beyond our control.


Best Flashlight for a Stormy Weather


The electrical power cables and transformers connected underground or above the earth surface by engineers become disturbed. Power lines in official and residential areas could cut off resulting in a power outage.

No matter the hour of the day, you may find yourself in complete darkness during a storm. The sky which is already dark and heavy laden with rain clouds prevent sunrays or brightness from reaching the earth surface.

Another season that brings a storm with it is winter. These weather conditions lead to emergencies that require immediate action. The first step to take is to get an illuminating source handy.

Stick with me as I unravel the 5 best flashlights you can rely upon during stormy weather or hurricane. You will find one that suits your preference depending on how prone your location is to natural disasters.


1)        MAYTHANK Super Bright Cree LED Torchlight Flashlight USB Rechargeable Large 4 Batteries 10000mAh 6000 Lumens Lantern

With a luminous flux of 6000 lumens, MAYTHANK LED flashlight is extremely bright and supersedes the luminosity of other highly-priced torches. It can cover a wide range of distance about 800 yards away.

MAYTHANK Super Bright Led Torch Light Flashlight...
  • 2.【 BRIGHT SIDE Floodlight LANTERN 】:This handheld spotlight...

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There are two modes of illumination that can be varied, from high to low intensity. The two brightness modes can also be found on the side floodlight which serves as an additional light source.

This side floodlight has two distinct lighting colours which include an extra bright lantern and a red-blue strobe light. The extra bright side lantern can be used as a work light or for reading during emergency or power outage while the red-blue strobe can serve as an SOS or warning light in case of any vehicle breakdown on the road.

A silicone seal can be seen on the lamp for providing a waterproof capacity and protecting the lamp head. It has an overcharge and over-discharge protection that makes it safe during charging. Also, it has 4 large pcs of 18650 rechargeable batteries that can provide long-lasting brightness.

Its battery duration is up to 30 hours for low brightness mode and up to 10 hours for high brightness mode. The front spotlight covers a longer distance. And the underside floodlight lights up a closer radius making it good for indoor use, especially during a storm or hurricane.

You can stand the flashlight vertically on its base which makes it great to be used in the kitchen or inside your bedroom.


  • This flashlight can be used hands-free by mounting it on a tripod stand or bicycle holder. There is an additional shoulder strap harness that you can use if you decide to use your hands for carrying other stuff.
  • The top handle also makes it comfortable to grip as a handheld torchlight.
  • You can charge your mobile devices using the torch as a power bank via a USB connection.
  • 4 pcs 18650 large Li-ion batteries are included in the package, so you do not have to worry about buying batteries for a long time (about 1000 cycles).
  • Its lightweight makes it easy to carry it with you everywhere.
  • There is a car charger included in the package. So, you can be assured your torch can serve you anywhere you find yourself facing an emergency.

Con: Although the MAYTHANK torch can withstand splashes of water and showers of rain, you must not submerge it in a pool of water to avoid damage. Remember that is not the purpose of its design. If you need a diving flashlight, look through our website to find a perfect pick for you.


2)        ALFLASH Rechargeable Torch Lantern High Power 8000 Lumens 6000mAh LED Super Bright Waterproof Outdoor Handheld Spotlight 

ALFLASH lantern has a built-in and rechargeable 6000mAh Li-ion battery. A full single charge can provide as long as 16 hours of illumination in low brightness mode and up to 8 hours in a high mode.

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It is made from aluminium alloy and high-quality ABS material which makes it waterproof, skid-proof, explosion-proof, shock-proof and dust-proof.

The LEDs have 100,000 hours of lifespan. Which gives you the convenience of not worrying about replacing the torchlight for a long time. This flashlight has an irradiation distance of 800m coverage that helps you find a safe hiding spot outdoor in stormy weather.

You can charge it using a USB cable which you can find anywhere around the house. It must not be a particular charger that should be used for it. In an emergency, your smartphone and other mobile devices can be charged via a USB port using the flashlight as a power bank.


  • This torch has a luminous flux of a whopping 8000 lumens that can strike through any looming darkness indoors and outdoors.
  • A USB charging cable is included in the package for charging your torch and any mobile devices in an emergency.
  • It is made from durable materials. This makes it able to withstand splashes of water and accidental falls from great heights.
  • The lantern doubles as camping/hiking/fishing and sailing torchlight aside its major requirement for emergencies or adverse weather conditions.
  • A shoulder strap has been provided for your comfort to enable you to carry it hands-free.
  • It is very light to carry about so you do not have to worry about its weight.
  • Comes fully charged at initial purchase. You may not need to charge it for months after buying it because of its full battery charge.

Con: No D.C plug for charging. This is not a problem since you do not have to carry the charger along everywhere. You can use any USB charger with it and you are good to go.


3)        OviLeaf Rechargeable Camping Lantern with 600 Lumen CREE LED Waterproof Searchlight, 10 Modes to Switch, 4000mAh Power Bank, Lightweight and Handheld Design

This super bright searchlight has two modes of brightness on the LED beam. The high setting has a luminous flux of 600 lumens while the lower setting has a flux of 100 lumens. The least level of luminosity for any searchlight that can provide extreme brightness is 100 lumens.

OviLeaf Rechargeable Camping Lantern with 600...
  • Powerful Searchlight: Super-bright CREE XPG LED beam with...

  • USB Rechargeable: Equipped 4000mAh high capacity Li-ion...

  • Multi-functional Lantern: two side lights(warm and white...

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Its irradiation distance covers a distance of approximately 500m long which makes it suitable for outdoor use. It comes with a 4000mAh Li-ion battery that can last up to 20 hours of usage on a single charge.

There are two USB ports (input and output) for charging the lamp and connecting mobile devices to it in an emergency. It has two sidelights which include a warm and white colour.

It also has a red warning light at its tail with 3 switching modes (constant, strobe and rotation). Besides this, there is an automatic triangular power indicator that flashes when the battery is almost running out.


  • This OviLeaf lantern comes with a shoulder strap that gives you an option of carrying it conveniently without using your hands. This is an advantage when you need to carry other things with your hands.
  • There is an indicator that alerts you when the battery gets drained so that you can recharge the lamp before its next use.
  • The flashlight is quite handy and portable due to its lightweight.
  • Built with an impact resistance glass, it can withstand any shock or accidental drops from extreme heights.
  • The IPX4 waterproof capacity makes it able to function with exposure to moisture.
  • It is equipped with an LED beam that has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. With this, you do not have to worry about replacing the lamp for a long time.
  • It has an edge over other regular torches with its rotating warning light that flashes constantly in an emergency.

Con: The non-stop red flashes can be put off if it seems disturbing. You may turn it away from your direction to avoid any discomfort.


4)        LE LED Camping Lantern with 2 Detachable Torches, USB Rechargeable and Battery Operated, 600 Lumen Tent Light, Outdoor Searchlight for Emergency

The LE LED lamp is made up of the main lantern and two detachable torches. The torch is very useful and portable for kids on late night toilet trips during stormy weather. It has an all-round beam coverage which can light up an entire room or tent.

LE Camping Lantern with 2 Detachable Torches,...
  • Two Detachable torches - LE camping lantern is made of the main...
  • Two Ways of Power Supply - The main lantern can be charged via USB...
  • Sufficient Brightness - The overall brightness of this lantern is 600...

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The main lantern is charged using a USB cable or a car charger which is included in the package. It can also be powered by 3 pcs D batteries while the torches use AAA batteries.

It is waterproof and functions well under rain showers during a storm or hurricane. You can also use it on snowy days. The front light of the torch can last up to 16 hours on a full charge while the sidelight has 8 hours for each use.


  • The two torches are powered by 3pcs AAA batteries each. These batteries are provided in the package for your convenient use immediately after purchase.
  • There is a compass situated on the top of the lantern for indicating direction while charging it in a car. This is a peculiar advantage above other lamps in the same category.
  • Each torch is not heavy to carry about from one location to another. This means other things can be carried along easily.

Con: The entire lantern may seem too heavy for stuffing into your backpack. The purpose of purchasing it is mainly as a home or office power outage emergency.


5)        Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable, Hand Crank, Self-Powered, Dynamo Flashlight, Torch, Lamp, Lantern

Looking for a torch that will not make you spend a fortune? Then this Duronic flashlight is the one!

It is suitable for any emergency, power outage or blackout caused by a hurricane, storm or tornado. An exclusive design that makes it to be easily converted from a lantern to a handheld torchlight just by collapsing the handle.

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The hanging loop can be hung on a support to provide illumination whilst searching for stuff in a dark room or cupboard. It can also serve during camping under a storm as a light source inside your tent.

With the press of a button, you can switch it to a forward-facing flashlight to serve you outdoors in the dark. You do not have to worry about any explosion from exposure to campfires because it is battery powered, unlike the conventional gas/ liquid lanterns.

There is an option of recharging the battery with or without electricity. A power cable charges it with electricity while a simple winding-up can recharge it in the absence of power. Just wind the handle a few times for a couple of minutes to sustain you until you can find a power source.

The flashlight can also serve as a power bank to charge your mobile gadgets during an emergency.


  • This hurricane lantern comes in handy if you decide to use it in lighting up a wider area. Just keep it on a flat surface or hang it up on the attached hook to provide a 360 degrees light coverage of up to 2 hours stretch.
  • Using it as a handheld flashlight can make it last for about 6 hours. Its firm handle also gives you a good grip with this option.
  • It has a red emergency light that can last up to 30 hours if fully charged. With this, you do not have to worry about getting stranded on a dark road for so long.
  • A USB charging cable is included in the package with storage space for the cable right inside the torch handle.
  • The adjustable handle can be useful as you can alter the angle by 90 degrees. This can enable you to raise the torch higher when you need urgent help.

Con: The mini-USB cable can easily be misplaced but there is a storage compartment on the handle to keep it intact always.


In conclusion, having gone through the 5 best options for stormy weather, it is always best that you choose a lamp based on your preferences and budget. Don’t wait until you are faced with an emergency before you act. Go for that emergency lantern/flashlight today and have it ready to serve you when you need it.