Best Flashlight For Power Outage

Have you ever experienced being in total darkness especially when all alone at home? You may be in the middle of an important task while in your home office, study or kitchen trying to fix dinner for the family and you suddenly lose power. Chances are it will happen at a time when you have no option of topping up or on a day when you are low on cash flow or your account balance is insufficient to purchase more power online.

It could also be that you are planning to go on an adventure or picnic in the woods or at your backyard after sunset when the sky will be completely dark. All you need is to get a flashlight handy if you find yourself in any of these situations. Flashlights come in several colours, shapes and sizes which could be a battery or solar-powered.

Electrical powered options tend to have rechargeable batteries that last for hours during usage if fully charged before use. In this post, I will highlight the top four flashlights and their specifications including the advantages and disadvantages of their designs.

TANSOREN Solar USB Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern Flashlight for Camping, Hiking, Reading, Hurricane, Power Outage

This multi-functional lantern serves a huge number of uses whether indoor or outdoor like reading, power outage, camping, fishing and storms to mention a few. It is made from high-quality military-grade ABS material which is collapsible and portable due to its ability to retract to a smaller handy size that can be easily stored in a compact space.

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This flashlight is water-resistant and can therefore be used in a swimming pool or under rainfall which makes it last long as it is durable and everlasting. Its power supply functions in 3 different ways which include 3 units of AA dry cell replaceable batteries, solar panel and built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a DC (direct current) charging cable.

It also works as a source for charging your android devices through the USB (universal serial bus) port feature when you are in dire need of charging your phone in a situation where there is no electric power supply. TANSOREN lantern has a longer lifespan as it saves energy for an extended time with the possibility of adjusting brightness or turning it off.

It can also last for 8 hours before shutting down and has low powered extremely bright 360 degrees (all-round) LED camping lamp. The longest length it can be extended to is 10 inches (handle length inclusive?) while its shortest length is about 5 inches with an overall width of about 3.5 inches.


  • It comes with 4 pieces of LED lamps that can be easily replaced when one goes dim and loses its lifespan which may never happen due to its durability and long lighting period of about 10 hours.
  • Included in the package is also 4 units of direct current charging cables whereby you can keep each cable in four different locations you know you take the lantern to without the need of carrying cable with you all the time.
  • Also, it has a one-month warranty period whereby you can return the product to the manufacturer or place of purchase if you notice any malfunction.


  • The TANSOREN flashlight cannot charge an Apple mobile phone or tablet but it is useful in powering your android phone but remember that no lantern is not designed for that purpose. You can purchase a power bank for emergencies when your Apple gadget battery runs down and needs to be recharged.

  Blazin’ Bolt Rechargeable Lantern

This bright lantern will help you stay prepared and ready for the next power outage with this exclusive new 1000 LUMEN lamp with 350-hour total run time and an unbeatable 150% amazing brightness.

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It has a 360-degree coverage where the light is visible all-round the sides and 6 colour modes of white and red that can light up a whole space for your activities both indoor and outdoor.

It comes with two rechargeable batteries which have a 50% longer lifespan with the extra one serving as a backup in case you run down the first one. This ensures that you need not worry about your battery disappointing you by dying in the middle of a task or storm.

You can charge it from a wall socket if you are at home or in your office, the computer when you aren’t close to a power supply source or in your car when on the move. It also has a power indicator that shows the battery level while in use.

This Blazin’ Bolt flashlight doubles as a power bank with two USB batteries of 6,000mAh Li-ion each that can charge your mobile devices. So you are covered during adventures or emergencies if your mobile phone and devices need to be charged.

It is drop-proof when dropped from up to 5 feet height during bumpy rides or walks to a campsite. It is water-resistant, so it can serve on rainy nights during hiking or hunting or while diving underwater.


  • It stands at a maximum height of only 7 inches with handle inclusive and a compact height of 4 inches with a width of 3.5 inches that gives it that compact edge requiring less space for storage.
  • It weighs less than half a kilogram at a minimum weight of 454 grams which makes it quite light to lift especially for kids who need it to study or write their home-work.


  • No wall charger included in the package but this is not a challenge since you can easily lay your hands on a USB charger to plug it to a wall socket.

ETEKCITY LED Lantern Camping Gear for Hiking, Power Outage, Fishing, Storm

This lantern supplies light for up to 12 hours after fully charging its battery which can stick to any metal frame due to its magnetic nature.

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There are 30 independent low-powered LED bulbs uniformly placed around the lamp all over (360 degrees) the surface for home, office and outdoor use while fishing, camping or hiking. It is collapsible and can be made into a compact shape making it portable enough to handle or store.

It can fit easily into small spaces like a backpack or survival kits and suitable for providing illumination during a campfire, barbeque. Its voltage capacity is 4.5 volts and has a power reading of 3.4 watts.

It weighs in at 1.18 kg that makes it very easy to manoeuver from one location to another. The brightness levels can be adjusted across 4 levels with a dimmer button to either increase or reduce the backlight to suit the use.

It is useful for engineers working in cesspits or tunnels or anywhere there is a metallic surface that the magnetic base can be attached to.


  • It is a fire starter which can be used to ignite flame during a barbeque or camping session where a fire is needed to keep warm or roast food with your family and friends.
  • The ETEKCITY lamp comes with 9 units of AA batteries having 3 units of AA batteries in each of the 3 lanterns included in the pack that comes in handy for use when the rechargeable battery dies from exhaustion due to extended length of usage.


  • There is a “lock handle” feature which should not be mistakenly activated to avoid wasting power. It can be permanently switched off for this reason.

Geepas Rechargeable LED Lantern | Emergency Lantern with Portable Handle | |Very suitable for Power Outages

This bright torchlight uses 20-individual high-power SMD LED lights which work together to produce a glare-free illumination, friendly to the eyes and brighten your day.

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It has a 4V 1200mAh sealed lead acid battery with the capability to provide a non-stop brightness for up to 4 hours usage period making it suitable for camping or sudden unannounced power outages.

It is made from light materials of about 1 kg which makes it easy to carry about and compact for mini storage spaces in your fishing bags or camping gear.

Within a minimum of 6 hours, it can get fully charged for use at any place or period and should not be allowed to discharge completely to avoid its lifespan from deteriorating.


  • This flashlight can regulate the brightness to the desired levels which can help you to continue working for a longer period by saving energy.
  • It comes with a multipurpose handle that can serve both for carrying and hanging or you may decide to place it on a flat surface when it is in use.
  • It has an anti-glare feature which makes it suitable for reading and for children who may stare into the light directly.


  • It cannot be used for charging your electronic devices but this is not what lamps are designed for. It can provide brightness at different levels and lasts for several hours while in use.

Making your choice of Lantern and Torchlight

You can decide on the perfect lamp that will suit your needs depending on the purpose you want to use it for and how much you have budgeted for it. From the reviewed options above, you have four varieties of lamps with different specifications according to your desired output.

There is one that you can purchase without the ability to serve as a power bank for charging your devices and there are other ones that are slightly higher in price but can perform a wide range of uses and functions. Read through from the beginning and get acquainted with the features and their pros and cons.