Best Flashlight for Kids

Flashlights are not only for adults. This is a great point to note when considering buying your toddler or teenager a torch. If you do not want your kids sharing your flashlight with you especially when you need to use it, buy them theirs.

A source of light comes in handy during emergencies or just for your toddlers’ fantasy adventures. Some adventures could even be real. Like, when your teenager decides to go on camping or hiking with friends. Late-night toilet visits also demand a good flashlight turned on low brightness that will not affect their night vision.

Storytelling at bedtime is a common tradition by parents who have kids. A flashlight can be shone with the lights turned off to create a cosy atmosphere to catch your kids’ interest. Horror stories also have a way of generating fearful thoughts if told in the dark. You can focus a torchlight on paper images to form shadows on walls while you tell them scary stories.

Your teenager may be preparing for school examinations or writing assignments. He/she will need a working lamp to illuminate his surrounding without causing a glare. Most bedroom bulbs are hung up too high or placed in chandeliers that prevent the perfect brightness they need to read conveniently.

I have compiled the top 3 flashlights on the market specially designed for kids. You will surely find a flashlight that will match your specifications or your kid’s desire among the following reviews.


  1. Frozen Disney Kids Pop Up Lantern Night Light and Torch by GoGlow


The Frozen character flashlight is a multi-purpose lamp. It serves as a night light and a torch. You can keep it on your child’s bedside with the Disney cartoon characters displayed all around its sides. All you need to do is pop the lamp open for him/her to enjoy this view while they doze off after putting them to bed.

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Its simple torchlight function can be obtained by just pushing down the top handle to close up the lamp. There is an LED light on the top of the lamp that shines brightly to illuminate any dark path. This light can provide enough brightness for reading bedtime stories or finding their way towards the toilet in the middle of the night.

The flashlight has dual brightness settings for adjusting its glow from low to high. This firefly function permits you to use it for whatever purpose you desire. The high mode is suitable for reading under covers in the room or beneath camp tents. While the low mode can be set for its soft glow as a companion while your kid is asleep. Although you may set it to go off automatically after 10 minutes.

A mini handle is attached to the lamp for easy carriage from one room to another. You can also use the handle as a hanger by fixing it on support over your bed or reading table. During sleepovers at your friend’s house, you can go along with this lamp to create a wonderful and memorable night time together.

It is powered by 3 pcs AAA batteries which makes it easier to operate by older kids. They will be safe from going close to electrical plugs and switches that could spark off accidentally. AAA batteries are obtainable from any store around and also affordable. They come in tiny sizes and can be stored in their small waist pouches or backpacks.


  • With a total size of 60g, it is extremely lightweight. A 3-year-old can easily carry it without a fuss. This compact design makes it a great choice for any age group.
  • The snowflake style is peculiar to the Disney movie “Frozen”. Most kids, regardless of gender, are fans of this cartoon and will love this amazing design.
  • It is very simple to open and close. Any child, no matter their age can push or pull this torch to close or pop it open.
  • You do not need to worry about running the batteries down. It turns itself off automatically after 10 minutes while your kid is asleep.


  • For kids younger than 3 years, you can hang the lamp on support to avoid any accident.


  1. LED Mini Flashlights, WdtPro Super Bright Flashlight with Lanyard – Best Tac Torch Light for Kids, Night Reading, Power Outages, Camping

This LED mini flashlight comes in a pack of 6 assorted colours ranging from blue, grey, red, black, green to silver. You can share them to go round among your kids if you have more than one child. You could also pick one each for home, office and car use while you still have more to gift your little loved ones.

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Each of these torches has 9 LED bulbs that are super bright. You do not have to worry about a light source for reading at night. Your child’s night study and assignments are covered with this. It can last several hours of use without burning out the LED bulbs.

Its grip is quite solid and skid-proof. The flashlight can be held without any fear of it slipping off from your grip. The material used for its fabrication allows you to hold it firmly with the assurance of not falling off.

Attached to its tail is a lanyard. This gives you another choice of fastening it to your wrist while using the torch hands-free. It is lightweight and therefore makes it comfortable while holding it with the lanyard.

Your teenagers will have a great time using this flashlight with no drawbacks. It will light up their paths while on a camping or hiking trip. They can also rely on the wrist band while cycling or climbing trees.


  • These torches are lightweight and very compact. You will find them useful for both indoor and outdoor activities without a hitch.
  • They have an average battery life of 30 hours each. Their bulbs are quite dependable as they do not consume power massively.
  • A pack has 6 great pieces all for the price of one. You are sure to have it go round among your kids and yourself.
  • The aluminium body its made from makes it durable and long-lasting. It can withstand any rough handling without getting damaged.


  • The required AAA batteries are not included in the package. These batteries are readily available and very affordable too.


  1. Tommee Tippee 2 in 1 Penguin Night Light

The penguin night light provides a soft dimmable light that soothes your little one during the night’s sleep. It is very cute and helps give your baby the comfort he/she desires while trying to sleep in the dark. The firefly brightness the flashlight produces can be regulated depending on the need for it at that moment. You can be sure not to disturb their sleep with this ideal light source.

Tommee Tippee Penguin 2 in 1 Portable Night Light
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You can enjoy the functionality of this night light from when your baby is just born up till over 16 years! The gentle lamp has a penguin egg at its base that can be lifted and carried without the base. As soon as you pick up the egg, it glows by itself. You can adjust the brightness from low, medium to high as required.

The low mode can serve you when you need to visit the bathroom at night or pick up a snack downstairs without disturbing others.

The penguin egg is portable and lightweight easy for small hands to carry with no difficulty. You can depend on its high mode for late-night nappy changes or feeding. The soft glow on the lower setting can help you resettle your baby back to sleep. From 18 months, your little one can pick up the portable silicone egg for reading under covers or to light up the room in search of a toy.

This flashlight is rechargeable and recharges on its penguin base throughout the day. You do not need to hunt around for disposable batteries or bother about spending extra for those. All you have to do is plug in a USB cable to boost up the battery charge when almost empty. The illumination lasts for up to 10 hours on a full charge. Therefore, your baby can wake up to find themselves in a brightly lit room with no fear.


  • It is a dual-purpose night light. Whether sitting on its base or lifted, the penguin’s gentle light is soft and reassuring.
  • You can depend on the dim glow at night especially when your baby is still younger. They can adjust to daytime brightness and get used to night time within a short while. Thereby enabling you to get some sleep too.
  • The 10 hours of non-stop illumination it provides is longer than the period any baby would sleep for.
  • No batteries needed. Zero cost on disposable batteries. Just plug it in for recharging the night light via a USB cable.


  • No plug provided with the USB cable. This allows you the liberty to use any plug you have around the house. Special plugs may select socket or cost you a whole lot to maintain.

In conclusion, place any of these flashlights in your child’s nursery and watch it give the safe illumination they need for a good night’s sleep. They sleep for longer knowing they are in a well-lit room with no scary or looming darkness.

Your teenagers are also not left behind as they have an option of using the lamps for their activities. Do not allow your flashlight to get bugged by your little ones ever again. Get them theirs and you will not regret that decision.