Best Flashlight for Firefighters

Are you a firefighter looking for the best flashlight to select for your job? Then worry no more because I have succeeded in putting together 5 of the best torches you can pick from.

As a firefighter, your job is a delicate one that demands a durable torchlight. This is because you could find yourself in an inferno with thick fumes blazing in a tight corner or an entire building. Only a torch constructed using durable materials can withstand the kind of heat emanating from the flames without melting or exploding.

Best Flashlight for Firefighters

The situation may be such that after quenching the fire, the room becomes dark and smoky. All that you require in this case is a source of light to illuminate the surrounding and be sure all the flame has been put out.

You also need light to find your way around and out of the building as soon as you can.

Another reason a torchlight can come in handy is when you need to evacuate occupants of a burning apartment out of the imminent danger.

Read on to discover the best flashlight for firefighters that will work for you.


  1.       Mag-Lite C-Cell Flashlight

Produced since 1979, this metallic flashlight stands out among others for any fire-related purpose or rough terrain. It has been modified and remodelled to suit the latest LED flashlights in high demand.

Mag-Lite C-Cell Flashlight, Aluminium, Black
  • Colour: black
  • Material: metal
  • Power Source: battery-Powered

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There is an incandescent version of the Mag-lite torch which can serve when you don’t require a sharp spotlight.

The Mag-Lite C-Cell flashlight is very small and handy for stashing up in your pocket or survival kit during operation while putting out a fire. It weighs in at only 100g, making it less of a burden to carry with you everywhere you go.

With just a twist of the head, you are ready to start enjoying the savvy treats of the black aluminium relic.


  • The Mag-lite torch can be used in enclosed places. Like when you find yourself confined in the tight-corner of a building during the firefighting operation.
  • It serves for use outdoors also. For instance, you may need to rescue property and kids in a situation where fire breaks out while they are enjoying a barbeque picnic in their backyard.
  • Being a waterproof torch, it will perform the job of providing light as you quench fire with water. This feature makes it exceptional when it comes in contact with gushing water from your hose.

Con: No battery is included in the pack. But you can purchase Duracell plus C alkaline batteries sold cheaply in local stores around you.


  1.       NEBO, 3-in-1 Flashlight, Spotlight and Work Light with Swivel Head

The NEBO 3-in-1 torch has 3 different modes of illumination which can be easily adjusted. From a spotlight of 250 lumens that covers a range of 113m to a floodlight of 240 lumens at a 21m range and lastly, an intense red emergency light reaching a 6m distance.

NEBO, Cryket-3-in-1 Flashlight, Spotlight and Work...
  • 3-in-1 flashlight: switches easily from 240 lumen cob work light to...
  • Adaptable swivel head: small, dimmable torch head pivots 90 degrees,...
  • Power source type: battery powered

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Its swivel head design makes it effortlessly rotated from a forward-facing torch to a 90-degree angle bend. An explosion is impossible due to its aircraft-grade aluminium body that protects the batteries in a fire outbreak.

You can be assured of its ability to resist any form of impact like falling on rough terrain or hitting a hard surface. It can therefore be used to force your way through a window by using it to break glass for easy access.

The grip is made out of rubber which prevents it from slipping off your hands.


  • Designed with a magnetic base, it can be used hands-free when working near a metallic surface.
  • It can last up to 6.5 hours during usage which gives it an edge in a situation where the fire outbreak is wild.
  • 4 units of AAA batteries are included in the package for instant operation after purchase.
  • There is a steel pocket or belt clip on its body that makes it easy to carry with you everywhere.
  • The power memory feature of this torch makes it easy to set it on particular modes you use regularly.

Con: The NEBO Cryket flashlight may require consistent battery replacement when used outdoors in cold weather. Remember this is not the condition it is solely designed for.


  1.  LED Rechargeable Handheld Searchlight High-Power Super Bright 9000 MA 6000 Lumens

This LED searchlight boasts of 9000mAh battery capacity with up to 20 hours of service time. It is also provided with overcharge and over-discharge protection. You can use it as a power bank to charge your devices during emergencies.

LED Rechargeable Handheld Searchlight High-Power...
  • 【HIGH QUENITY MATERIAL & Waterproof】 This flashlight is made of...

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Its illuminating distance covers up to 800m at a whopping 6000 lumens of the spotlight. You have a choice of selecting from its dual brightness levels which is adjustable whether as a weak or high brightness mode.

Made from high-quality ABS material, it can withstand heat, shocks and splashing water from all angles. You may prefer the hands-free advantage by strapping it on your shoulder using the harness included in the package. There is also a firm handle if you wish to grip it with your hands.


  • Its rechargeable function makes it a great choice because it will save you from buying dry cell batteries all the time.
  • 6000 lumens illumination is very sharp and can cut through any smoky building. This torch cannot only provide that capacity but can also be kept far away from the area where it is needed since it can cover up to 800m range.
  • It is water-resistant and can withstand being submerged up to 3ft deep in case you find yourself in a pool of water after quenching a fire.
  • It can float on the water surface. Therefore, you can easily recover it after dropping it in water mistakenly.
  • Wall and car chargers are included in the package. This means you do not have to look for suitable chargers especially while driving.
  • A USB cable is attached to the product during purchase for charging your devices during an emergency.
  • Its lightweight makes it possible to be carried around easily.

Con: You must always ensure that the charging outlet is well closed to enjoy its waterproof advantage. When it is not plugged in for charging, make sure you cover the outlet to avoid any mistake of it getting wet.


  1. NOVOSTELLA Rechargeable CREE LED Torch, Multi-functional Camping Light, Waterproof Outdoor Spotlight Searchlight

NOVOSTELLA waterproof searchlight tends to withstand any contact with water provided you keep its charging outlet closed. Its front searchlight comes with two brightness levels of either low or high illumination.

NOVOSTELLA Rechargeable LED Torch,...
  • Searchlight Mode: Two brightness levels (650lm and 300lm) of the front...
  • Lantern Mode: Each side has lights, a white light on the left side and...
  • Rechargeable: 2000mAh rechargeable battery; Build-in USB port, can...

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Its luminous flux is 650 lumens and has an irradiation distance of about 500m coverage. It also has a lantern mode with a white light on its left and red signal light on its right.

The battery capacity is 2000mAh which is rechargeable. Its handle is large and comfortable to grip. You can also decide to use the shoulder strap included in the package if you want to go hands-free by hanging it on nearby support.

It has a built-in USB port where you can charge your mobile devices during an emergency. There are 4 battery indicators in the form of blue LEDs which signify a need for a recharge if only one LED is on.


  • On a single charge, the front searchlight can last up to 6.5 hours. This makes it suitable for rescuing occupants and illuminating a smoky room which may take several hours to achieve.
  • The lantern model has a soft white light on its left side suitable for use while changing into your gear. It can last up to 11 hours on a single charge.
  • On the right side of the lantern, the red signal light can last up to 30 hours on a single charge. In an emergency, this is useful, especially when waiting for backup.
  • Its super lightweight makes it easy to hang on your neck during operation.
  • The searchlight comes with its battery fully charged at the initial stage. Therefore you can put it to immediate use immediately after purchase.

Con: The battery unit is sealed. This makes it safe for use or else, you may purchase a bad battery mistakenly thereby destroying the torch.


  1.  TrustFire MINI2 LED Torch Key Ring Torch Lightweight Pocket Keychain Suitable for Carry-on Indoor Night Action Outdoor Emergency Handling

If you are looking for a budget-friendly backup flashlight that will not create a hole in your pocket then this TrustFire LED torch is a winner.

TrustFire MINI2 LED Torch,Key Ring Torch...
  • ❤ SUPER BRIGHT: The MINI2 flashlight is powered by built-in 10180...
  • ❤ USB RECHARGEABLE: Convenient to charge via the built-in Micro-USB...
  • ❤ LED & DIMENSION: Using with the high performance CA18-3X LED of...

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Its luminous flux is 220 lumens which are very sharp on the high brightness mode (obtained by twisting the head). It is powered by a built-in 10180 rechargeable battery that charges fully within 30 minutes.

A micro USB port situated under the torch head is used to charge the battery using a USB cable.

At only 11g, its extreme lightweight makes it serve as a pocket torch or a keychain. It is so tiny and portable you will not feel any discomfort carrying it along everywhere. The entire flashlight is thinner than a pinkie finger and shorter than one AAA battery.


  • The mini torch can function for 7.5 hours non-stop. This makes it useful for any emergency purpose that consumes time. As you already know, firefighting isn’t an easy or quick operation.
  • Its weight is quite impressive! Because it has a built-in battery and its total bulkiness still amounts to nothing at a meagre 11g.
  • A micro-USB cable is attached in the package. You, therefore, do not need to worry about buying a special cable for charging it.
  • An O-ring is also packaged with the product for hooking it to your keys or pocket depending on your choice.

Con: It comes in two modes of brightness. You may assume the low mode is the only setting without thinking about twisting the head to obtain the high mode.

Best Flashlight for Firefighters

Factors to Consider Before Selecting your Firefighter Flashlight

Below is a list of the necessary criteria for choosing the most ideal flashlight for fighting fires. As a fireman, you need to make sure your torch suits the purpose it is required for.

A quick look at some important factors to be aware of will include the following.

Illumination Output and Intensity

When you are looking for the right searchlight to take along with you during your operation, the first thing to consider is the light output and its coverage.

The quality of light produced and its brightness are important points to note and it is measured in lumens. Averagely, a good flashlight must have a minimum output of 160 lumens to be able to cut through the thickest smoke ever.

Also, the intensity of the beam produced and its range of coverage (measured in candelas) should be about 16,000 candelas maximum.


The size and shape of the flashlight is another factor to consider in making your choice. Ensure that your torch is lightweight and portable for ease of grip and movement.

Your gear (consisting of helmet, outfit and boots) is already bulky so having an equally heavy flashlight is not ideal.


The means of attaching the searchlight to your gear is quite important depending on the need for it. You may need to illuminate some holes or crevices to ensure you don’t have casualties lying helplessly underneath.

In this case, a hand-held torch will be required for action. On the other hand, you may need to focus your beam right in front of you for safety as you walk along.

A well-fastened torch to your gear will be required for this since you may need to use your hands for other things. There are flashlights with clips or straps that could be attached to your gear easily while on duty.

Power Source

This could either be rechargeable or disposable depending on the product and its specifications. Some torches can be charged in a vehicle when you find yourself running from one operation to another.

Most flashlights you are likely to come across are battery-powered therefore it is left for you to decide which of the two (rechargeable or disposable) you prefer.

Ease of Operation

Your torch needs to have buttons that can be easily operated with your gloved hands while on duty. Power switches and beam regulators should be properly positioned.


Look out for a flashlight that is waterproof and shockproof. You will be working with water to quench flames and the terrain may be rough. Therefore, you will not want to be disappointed while working if your torch accidentally drops in water or hits a hard surface.

It should be able to withstand splashes of water or submerged for at least 30 minutes. Also, a good torch should sustain a fall from great heights to avoid damages.


You do not need to spend hugely on a torch that will not serve you as a fireman. First, consider the important factors I already highlighted before paying for a flashlight.

Depending on your budget, you can have several options to choose from. Anything below £50 is an ideal amount to spend on a flashlight. Although, you may spend lower if your budget is not anywhere close to that range.

There is always a flashlight suitable for your needs within your capacity.