Best EMS Flashlight

EMS (Emergency Medical Services) professionals are usually involved in saving the lives of patients who find themselves in life-threatening situations. They may be called to provide urgent medical attention to someone who is dying from a drug overdose, having a seizure, drowning or hit by a car. Most of them are experts in the medical field and referred to as doctors or nurses.

Their attention may be needed at any period of the day or night. They could receive calls during a natural disaster or when there is blackout from a sudden power outage. Hence, they would require a reliable flashlight to find their way through the accident scene in such situations.

Another reason why these specialists would need a flashlight is for examining the pupils of their patients’ eyes. A regular torch will not be recommended in this case. There are special flashlights that are as small as the size of a finger known as penlights. These penlights are designed to provide a beam suitable for any eye to accommodate without causing any damage.

Read on to discover which of the flashlights I have reviewed in this post will match your needs. Either as an EMS expert or if you intend to buy one as a gift for your loved one who works in that field, you are covered. Just take your time to go through the specifications and benefits of each flashlight before making your choice.


  1. Streamlight 88034 ProTac EMS High-Performance Medical Services Flashlight with Holster

Designed by a medical services expert, the Stream light ProTac is specially fabricated to meet all the requirements of an EMS professional. It provides an ideal beam which doesn’t focus its glare in the eye pupil during an examination.

An ordinary flashlight cannot be used for checking the pupil due to its extreme brightness and blinding beam. Hence, this ProTac is a reliable tool for pupil and wound inspection.

Streamlight 88034 ProTac EMS High Performance...
  • Designed by a medical services professional
  • Optimal non-glare light for pupil and wound examination
  • One handed operation of tail cap switch makes this flashlight easy to...

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The faint peripheral illumination that surrounds the beam focused on a patient’s eye reflects on the examiner’s pupil without causing it to contract. Its dim light allows for contraction of the pupil making it an optimal source of light to perform the urgent treatment.

The Stream light has three modes of light intensity which increases from low to medium to high. The tail switch on the torch offers this functionality.

At a low beam of 3.6 lumens, the flashlight is capable of working at a full charge for up to 36 hours. This means you can depend on its operation during a lengthy period of attending to patients in an emergency. 36 hours is 12 hours more than an entire day of work and you cannot possibly be up for that long. The lumen rating of 3.6 is perfect for examining patients as already discussed earlier.

When you tap the tail switch twice, the medium mode is accessed. This mode delivers 10 lumens that can run on a full charge for 19 hours. You can use this beam brightness for other less sensitive inspections on your patients. Wounds sustained in the ears, nostrils and mouth are not selective of light intensity but that doesn’t mean an ordinary flashlight can be used.

Three taps of the tail switch take you to the high mode which delivers 50 lumens that run for up to 2 hours. It can run for 4 hours if it is powered by an AA lithium battery. You may need to search for patients’ records in your shelves back at the hospital or locate blank cards for keeping stats of new patients. This light mode will be relevant for such times especially in nooks and crannies of storage areas. It could come in handy for paying undisturbed visits at night while your patients are asleep in the ward.


  • The tail switch can be operated with just one hand even if it is gloved. This permits you to use your other hand for inspecting injured parts of your patient’s body.
  • It has a removable pocket clip. In case you are wondering where you can keep your flashlight secure for urgent use, this is a perfect solution.
  • A nylon holster is included in the package. This can also serve as a storage kit for your ProTac flashlight.
  • 1 pc AA battery is also provided along with the flashlight. You do not need to purchase a battery for the first use.
  • It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The torch can work for more than half a decade of constant use.


  • Do not be discouraged about its affordability. The Streamlight may be small but what it does supersedes any other reason.


  1. Olight S2R II Rechargeable LED Flashlight Powerful 1150 Lumens Pocket Handheld Torches for Camping Exploring Hiking Dog Walking

The Olight flashlight produces a maximum light output of 1150 lumens with a runtime of up to 10 hours. It has as lower outputs of 120 lumens and 15 lumens that can run for up to 14 hours and 100 hours respectively. The least output is 0.5 lumens which last for up to 60 days on a full charge.

With a proper regulation of beam intensity, the lower outputs can provide optimum luminosity for eye pupil examination. Wounds and injuries on a patient’s body parts can also be inspected by selecting the appropriate output on the torch.

Olight S2R II Rechargeable LED Torch Powerful 1150...
  • ✅【Compact and Portable Flashlight】The S2R Baton II has a compact...
  • ✅【1,150-LUMEN OUTPUT】S2R II can produce a maximum output of...
  • ✅【MULTI-FUNCTION SIDE SWITCH】It has several modes to choose from...

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The torch is rechargeable and is powered by 1 pc 18650 Li-ion battery. It is charged magnetically with an Olight MCC USB charging cable via the tail cap. This makes it possible to charge it even in the dark without a fuss.

It is not heavy considering its total weight at only 3.5 ounces. This makes it lightweight and easy to carry about every day. Its compactness and portability allow for comfortable movement when stored in your purse or pocket.

The flat tail cap has a magnetic feature that allows you to stick it on a metallic surface during use. It, therefore, can be used as a hands-free work light.

There is a power indicator on the side switch which displays different colours depending on battery level. A green colour indicates that the battery remains 70% or more. A yellow light shows between 15% to 70% left while a red colour refers to a power level of less than or 15% remaining.


  • Included in the package is a Li-ion battery. This allows you to utilize the flashlight without having to purchase a battery separately.
  • A charging cable is required and can be found in the pack to charge the battery.
  • Aside from the already installed blue pocket clip on the torch, you will find a spare black one in the pack. You are guaranteed of not losing your flashlight after use with the clip. Just make sure to fasten it to your trouser or breast pocket.
  • It is rated at IPX8. This gives it the capacity to function underwater up to 2meters depth. In case you are faced with a drowning victim, you are covered with this waterproof torch.


  • This torch has a fixed zoom which is better than a focus zoom. It is good for short and medium-range use.


  1. Streamlight 66318 Microstream C4 LED Pen Light

Are you looking for an EMS flashlight that will not break the bank? Then this is the one! This Streamlight penlight torch is amazingly resistant to shock with its C4 LED technology. It can withstand any fall from great heights without malfunctioning.

At 45 lumens, the light output can run for about 3 hours with a full charge. The beam intensity is 420 candelas which can reach a 41m coverage. Its illumination is superb and can be regulated to suit the purpose at hand.

STREAMLIGHT MicroStream - with alkaline battery -...
  • C4 LED technology, impervious to shock with a 30,000 hour lifetime
  • Output/Run time: 45 lumens,420 candela,41m beam,runs 2.25 hours
  • IPX4 rated for water resistant operation. All openings o-ring sealed

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Its waterproof capacity is rated as IPX4. This makes it possible to withstand splashes of rain or moisture from all angles. All its openings are sealed with O-rings to prevent water from penetrating the torch.

The tail switch is designed with a push-button for easy control. Attached to the torch is a pocket or hat clip for safe storage while it is not in use.

Penlights are known for their lightweight and compact design. This makes them the right choice for medical professionals who do not need heavy flashlights for their job. They also have anti-glare protection that prevents damage to patients’ eyesight. This Streamlight is no exception to serve these purposes and more.


  • The two-way pocket/head clip design makes it special. It can be used with a baseball or cowboy hat seamlessly. It can also be paired with your trouser or shirt pocket.
  • It is efficiently powered by AAA batteries and lasts as long as you desire without consuming too much energy.
  • This is an everyday carry torch due to its lightweight and portability. It can serve you perfectly as an EMS professional.


  • The absence of a keyring is not a problem. You can rely on its clip for harnessing it to your gear as preferred.


Important Points to Note

Ensure you check the light output of the flashlight you are planning to settle for. The lumen rating is very vital in the selection of the torch you would require as an EMS expert. Lower lumen ratings are the best for you to avoid causing more damage to your patients.

Another point is the weight of the torch. Lightweight flashlights are more reliable so that you do not have to struggle with the content of your pocket. You will also need to carry it for some time during an examination of injuries. Go for penlights that can be easy to hold without the bulkiness that other tactical flashlights have.

Lastly, the total runtime of a flashlight is also necessary to consider. This will allow you to do your work without worrying about the torch going off before you finish. At least 3-10 hours runtime is perfect for a good torch.