Best Dive Torch, Flashlights For Diving

You may be considering making snorkelling or scuba diving your hobby or career. This is an amazing underwater activity to indulge in and getting yourself a dive torch will only make it easier. In addition to the diving gear you will need, a reliable flashlight is a must-have.

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Although diving at night or in darkened water can be very interesting, it is not an activity that is restricted to night only.

It is an amazing view to behold when your torch flashes on the sea creatures. Most of the colourful rays from the torch remain intact due to the shorter coverage required inside the ocean. This brings out the beauty of marine life, unlike the daytime. You can decide to explore deep inside the sea during the day and still need a flashlight.

Not only aquatic life is meant to be studied by a scuba diver. There are shipwrecks and caves underwater which have dark crevices that require illumination. To enjoy your subaquatic activity, a good flashlight must be taken along.

Take a look at the product reviews below, looking at the best 3 diving flashlights below before making a choice.

  1. VOLADOR Dive Torch, 5 Modes 1080 Lumens Mini Diving Flashlight Rechargeable, SAMSUNG LH351D LED Scuba Dive Light

This torch is a compact and lightweight diving light. You can conveniently carry it with you while snorkelling with the aid of the metal clip or an arm strap. It has a flexible magnetic ring switch for switching modes or opening the torch. There are 5 practical modes for adjusting its brightness from high (1080 lumens) medium (350 lumens) low (70 lumens).

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It depends on your preference to select the luminosity considering your proximity to the target. The output is a neutral white light that is extremely bright for any diving experience. There is also a strobe flash and an SOS mode that can be relied upon if you find yourself in any danger.

All you need to do is switch on any of these emergency modes and wait for rescue. You can be assured of its magnetic ring switch, the rubber O-ring and military-grade aviation aluminium body. These high-quality features will provide superior abrasion and waterproof capacity. It will also resist seawater corrosion.


  • This exceptional flashlight has four internal protections which makes it suitable for both onshore use and diving. It has an anti-reverse, temperature, low power warning and low voltage protection. These configurations make it reliable and durable.
  • It comes with a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery in the package. With this standard battery type, you can say goodbye to spending too much on replacing batteries. You will also not have to order for a new rechargeable battery when buying the torch.
  • A high-quality, super-bright lamp bulb makes up its LED specification. Precisely, a Samsung LH351D. It can shine through any deep sea or ocean during daytime or at night.
  • Equipped with a removable clip, it will give you comfort while you attach it to your gear underwater.
  • It has a minimum beam distance of more than 50m and a maximum of above 210m. You can view your object no matter how far it is from you.

Con: To prevent corroding the battery, you will have to remove it when onshore for it to dry. This is common with every diving flashlight because of the battery component.

  1. Dive Torch, Scuba Diving Flashlight -Siuyiu 1000 Lumens Super Bright XPL-LED Rechargeable 80M Underwater Dive Lights

With a lifespan of 100,000 hours, this super bright XPL-LED diving torch is a must-have. You can use it for more than a decade without thinking about a replacement. It has a luminous flux of a whopping 1000 lumens. Capable of cutting through any darkness or cloudy path. Its irradiation distance is as high as 236m which can cover a wide range underwater.

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Most divers do not go beyond 40m depth hence this torch is indispensable. It is designed with a scratch-free and anti-abrasive material. This makes it able to withstand submersion in water up to 80m depth without getting damaged. From a height of 1.5m, you can be sure of its durability if the torch accidentally drops when out of water.

Its anti-drop feature takes care of that. An attached magnetic rotary switch gives it a smooth twist while adjusting its brightness from low to high. The strobe and emergency modes allow you to be covered in case urgent help is needed.


  • A USB battery charger is included in the package along with a rechargeable battery. You do not have to worry about buying a USB cable in case you do not have one that can power it.
  • It has a strong sealing design made from aluminium alloy. Water, sand or dust cannot damage this flashlight if you are exposed to any of them.
  • This torch can run for 13 hours when fully charged. You can decide to extend your estimated time spent underwater as this is timeless.
  • You can also use it for other activities like fishing and swimming which do not require much submersion.

Con: The O-rings need to be lubricated after each use to avoid damage within a short period. Water may corrode the rings from diving therefore, this is important maintenance.

  1. Diving Headlamp 800-lumen Diving Flashlight 3 Modes Super Bright Underwater Headlamp Submarine Head Light Waterproof Lamp 

This diving headlamp is a handsfree type designed for people who prefer using their hands for other purposes underwater. It also doubles as a very affordable torch that would not create a hole in your pocket after purchase.

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The headlamp can be controlled while snorkelling. A magnetic control switch is used to achieve this. By adjusting between the 3 modes available on the torch. It is built with a soft non-slip mat which easily absorbs sweat. Your comfort is assured by the soft silica gel used in the fabrication.

Its wiring is internal and is highly efficient in operation.

The luminous flux is as high as 800 lumens which are capable of illuminating an entire swimming pool or a large sea section at a time. All you need to do is twist the switch located on the head for the lamp to light up or go off.


  • The beam can be set to either constant or flashing light. The normal beam is a neutral white light which can be either high, low or strobe. You may also need to use the SOS light during an emergency to seek for help.
  • Its light head can be rotated to an angle of 90 degrees. This gives you the liberty to bend over towards any direction without worrying about the focus of your torch.
  • It is equipped with a double layer waterproof loop which makes it suitable for submerging it in water without any damage caused.
  • Its lightweight makes it easy and comfortable to wear for a long period without issue.

Con: It has an in-built power supply. This is good for your safety to avoid any shock upon contact while underwater.


Best Dive Torch Buying Guide

Here are factors you need to consider before putting money down for a dive light. Look out for these key features and you are certainly on the right path to selecting the best flashlight as a diver.

Light output/Brightness

This is usually specified as the lumens or luminous flux of the flashlight. Higher luminous flux means higher brightness. An ordinary night dive does not require much luminous flux.

However, if you are considering going to explore a cave or searching a shipwreck underwater, you may require from 1000 lumens and above. This is due to the dark extremities of such areas.

Choose a lamp with a good range of brightness settings that you can adjust conveniently.

Best Flashlight For Diving

Beam Intensity

The angle of illumination from your torch could either produce a wide beam or a narrow one. What matters is the how well the beam lights up your view underwater. A wide beam will easily brighten a larger angle or area as compared with a much narrower one in clear water.

The aim is to get clear visibility, especially in cloudy water. If you are faced with navigating through murky water, you will need a narrower and sharper beam. This will cut through any sort of cloudiness like it is with a fog.

A sharper and tighter beam will do the work just fine.


The shape and size of your light while diving matters a lot. It determines your comfort throughout the time you will spend snorkelling or diving. You may want to select a less bulky torch to prevent you from burdening yourself with a huge backpack.

f you are a new diver, a larger lamp will do just fine to avoid losing your light source underwater. A smaller torch can be easily misplaced during your adventure.

Unless you want to buy an extra flashlight as a backup in case the main one fails to function. Then you may keep the mini torch in your pocket where you can easily access it urgently.

Bulb Type

Traditional bulbs are no longer in vogue. They are known for their high-power consumption. This is because most of the power they consume is used to light up a filament in the incandescent bulb.

Unlike the latest LED which converts all the power to light up their bulbs. Any LED flashlight you purchase should last more than a decade with appropriate and regular maintenance.


Whether your preference is aluminium or high-quality ABS plastic, your torch should be able to withstand the rugged underwater terrain. The lamp you will choose must be corrosion resistant and waterproof to at least 100m depth.

If you are still new to diving, you may need to go for plastic which requires not too much cleaning and maintenance and it is also rust-resistant. Although aluminium seems to be more portable, it is liable to corrode if it is not properly cared for.

best dive torch

Battery Type

If you are trying to choose a torch and need to select one based on the type of battery it uses, then you are on the right track. There are three types of battery choices you could make. The alkaline (or disposable) batteries are the traditional dry cell ones sold everywhere even on a plane.

Travellers can cheaply obtain these batteries easily wherever they may be. But their performance level is low as well as their lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries are the recyclable ones that are environmentally friendly. They are more expensive than alkaline batteries and are not commonly sold everywhere.

Lastly, rechargeable batteries that are mostly in-built are divers’ ideal choice. They are eco-friendly and pocket wise they aren’t too expensive. The only hitch is in the charging convenience between your diving trips because you need electricity for this purpose.

Brightness Mode

The brightness mode on most diving flashlights ranges from one to three. Sometimes you may have about five modes but this includes the SOS and strobe lights.

The 3 modes will have a low and high setting.

There are dive environments that require low brightness. This in turn preserves the battery life. Other conditions will require much higher brightness especially when the crevices are deeper and darker. In this case, a high mode should be set to achieve your goal.

Strobe lights and SOS come in handy when you need to get the attention of co-divers or boats on the water surface.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, remember to avoid creating any situation that would warrant you replacing your flashlight within a couple of months or even days! Do not reverse the polarity of your batteries.

Check first to be sure you do not have your terminals misplaced. This can lead to short-circuiting and light failure. The internal mechanisms of your torch can be damaged from this unlikely mistake.

Also, take out your batteries after each trip to prevent corrosion.

Clean the battery compartment and other parts of your torch regularly. Avoid using any flashlight that is not waterproof as this could fail you abruptly underwater when you need it most.