3 Best Torches under £50 That You’ve Never Heard Of

People have learned the importance of light as a means of survival since the dawn of time. Some lights and lamps were used for protection, while others were used to hunt or evade being hunted. Over the years, this need for lighting tools and torches has continuously improved and strengthened its versatility in terms of durability or functionality.

While it illustrates how far the mind of man can go, it also reveals how much we rely on the torches to this day. Although the human body, technology and sight have developed tremendously, we still can all use some additional assistance in certain aspects.

There are many circumstances in which rechargeable, mounted LED torches can be essential, including home lighting, car repairs, outdoor activities (hiking, biking), camping and hunting, flashlight games with animals and self-defence. The multi-functional devices for multiple situations are flashlights.

With the technological progress in the design of torches, the older (disposable) battery options are steadily but inevitably being taken over by rechargeable batteries as they can last for days on a full charge.

Another significant benefit is the ability to use several light modes with these particular torches. In comparison to the normal modes of zoom in, zoom out, SOS and strobe, which allow more enhanced vision and are particularly useful in emergencies, a variety of which can now be seen today.

If you are on the lookout for a torch and would like to know what kind of cheap torches you can buy, save money in the long term and protect the environment continue reading below.

Semlos 12 LED Super Bright LED Flashlight

Best Torches under £50This powerful flashlight with 12 LEDs provides a smooth, bright light beam; the max output comes to 10000 Lumens. Made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminium, hard-anodised anti-abrasive coating, skid-proof and shock-proof. IPX-5-rated water resistance.

The tactical flashlight is included with powerful, high-quality LED bulbs that provide consistent, maximum performance throughout and better identify the battery level. Up to 6 hours (Low mode) working time, allowing you handle your work more efficiently.

It produces an extremely bright light, enabling you to see and identify things even in the harshest environments quickly.

Performance and Battery Life

The 10000 lumens flashlight runs on High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries, which are very affordable and always available. It can effectively extend battery life. When you do not use it for a long time, please press the power button five times within 3 seconds to activate Insulation Mode. The flashlight is also shock-proof and skid-proof — it can withstand heavy impacts and drops effortlessly.


Using it in heavy rain will never be a problem as the light is water-resistant. It comes with a built-in power display that enables you to identify the charging status and battery level quickly and effortlessly. Without a doubt, the 10000 lumens light is perfect for any indoor or outdoor activities.

Also, it’s effortless to use, making it an ideal flashlight for everyone. Whether you are out for an extreme night hike or you want to walk your dog safely in the night, this remarkable flashlight will fit your needs.

And the best part? It’s way affordable than other bright lights! Although the Semlos torch is undoubtedly budget-friendly option, it delivers on a lot of remarkable benefits that are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

Anker LC130 LED Flashlight

Best Torches under £50Examine the Anker LC130 Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight if you ever wondered what a high-end flashlight is like. This flashlight goes beyond anything you’ve ever imagined — although this involves price sadly. Now, if you are searching for a torch that will last years, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Performance: One of the most durable flashlight ever

It is effortless to use the flashlight Anker LC130. Turning the flashlight on is as simple as it is with most flashlights, although the power button is not on the side. Instead, it’s on the bottom. A durable press made it possible for us to pass through an incredible five different light settings: high medium, low a flashing strobe light, and even the Morse code SOS signal.

If you’re backpacking even boating, or if your car broke down on a quiet highway, that last light setting might be beneficial. Due to the high lumen level, you would certainly be noticeable in any case.

The brightest setting is 1,300 lumens, which gives it a visibility range of 1,200 feet, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This was the highest lumen level we checked on any of the flashlights ever seen. Of course, but you don’t want to gaze at this light directly.

The brightness could work against you if you’re looking for a way to brighten up the night when walking the dog in a busy neighbourhood. The performance was so incredible that we finally lit up a nearby first-floor apartment unintentionally while doing so.

Design: Rugged & durable but still modern

The LC130 looks like the most popular flashlights we’ve seen at first glance. Yet we found the variations as soon as we picked it up. The torch is made of aluminium, which usually results in a lighter device. Nonetheless, the rugged metal frame lets this flashlight look thicker than most, and the three LED bulbs contribute to their weight. This weights nearly a full pound with the battery installed.

That being said, the Anker LC130 is a very durable flashlight. It can be dropped from heights to a meter in a safe way. We dropped it from a much higher height (a two-story staircase!), and there were no signs of damage to the torch.

It is also known as waterproof; it can be submerged in water up to one meter. Although we had no exposure to that point, we checked it by submerging it for five minutes in 2 feet of water, and the flashlight was still working correctly. Due to the gripping ridges around the body and the lanyard used, it’s also comfortable to hold.

It may not impact the flashlight’s use at all, but we love the packaging Anker has built for it. The LC130 arrives in a beautiful blue package, making it perfect for gifting!

Battery Life: Rechargeable, but may not be perfect for everyone

The Anker LC130 is operated by a battery that can be recharged from the base via a standard USB cable. It takes eight hours to recharge the battery completely; when charging, a light indicator turns red and when fully charged green.

This functionality ensures that if you’re hiking or backpacking for an extended period, it might not be the right flashlight because you might soon need a power source for charging.

It’s good to know in this situation that the battery driving the LC130 is relatively standard, and you can buy additional back-ups. But the fact that the extra batteries are not included, and the standard power mode is powered renders the LC130 more appropriate for use in residences or workplaces.

The LC130’s battery was checked and worked for six hours at its highest setting (precisely what was claimed by the manufacturer). We tried to test it in the medium-light environment and noticed that even after 11 hours, it was still running, at which stage we decided to throw it in the towel.

The one problem we had was that after extended usage, it appears to get a bit hot. It’s not alarmingly hot— it’s more like a machine that’s been in use for a bit — but if you pick up the torch after it’s on for a while, this is something to be mindful about.

Worth the price in some cases.

The Anker LC130 Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight is an excellent buy if you can get past the initial shock of the price of this super-powered product. It’s super reliable and efficient, and in the long term, the rechargeable battery can help you save money. In some cases, though, it may not be ideal, if you need a power source.

Super Bright LED Torch PFSN TCP50

Best Torches under £50This super bright torch is a dominant market leader with its brightness level of up to 6,000 lumens. It can provide an impressive illumination range as a tactical model, up to 400 meters under different weather conditions.

With the new CREE P50 chip update, you will enjoy great lighting without any safety problems like overheating or overcharging. The switch in the neck allows for fast and convenient operation.


It can be powered easily and comfortably with an integrated input port. The entire structure is waterproof for use in almost all extreme weather conditions, known as IP65. The robust and shock-resistant aluminium frame can also handle some rough handling.

The high-quality and durable LED bulb will provide maximum and reliable performance for up to 50,000 hours of operation.

Performance and Battery life

  • 6000 lumens for powerful brightness
  • Anti-reflective coating and ultra-clear glass lens
  • Crafted from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Built-in chip to ensure safety
  • Durable switch for convenient and fast operation
  • HIGH LUMEN SEARCHLIGHT: Utilizing the latest generation CREE P50 LED chip with a lifespan of 50,000 hours that generates an ultra-high-output up to 6000 lumens. It’s genuinely a portable searchlight.
  • RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT: Build-in DC3.5mm input port, which allows you charging the tactical flashlight conveniently.
  • WATERPROOF & DURABLE: IP65-rated waterproof flashlight allows convenient usage in various extreme weathers. Its durable aluminium body & shock-resistance endure rough handling.
  • LONG LASTING POWERFUL TORCH: Emit more brightness than average light, powered by 18650 batteries or 26650 batteries, enables hours working time.

WHAT YOU GET: PFSN TCP50 tactical flashlight, wrist strap, User Manual, and their worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.